Discussion Papers 2007

: Kevin D. Hoover, Katarina Juselius, Søren Johansen: Allowing the Data to Speak Freely: The Macroeconometrics of the Cointegrated Vector Autoregression.
Abstract PDF (128KB)

07-34: Søren Johansen, Katarina Juselius, Roman Frydman, Michael Goldberg: Testing Hypotheses in an I(2) Model with Applications to the Persistent Long Swings in the Dmk/$ Rate. Abstract PDF (320KB)

07-33: Katarina Juselius: The PPP Puzzle: What the Data Tell when Allowed to Speak Freely.
Abstract PDF (337KB)

07-32: Katleen Van den Broeck, Carol Newman, Finn Tarp: Land Titles and Rice Production in Vietnam. Abstract PDF (535KB)

07-31: Bodil Olai Hansen, Mich Tvede: Competition in Soccer Leagues.
Abstract PDF (230KB)

07-30: Katleen Van den Broeck: Child Height and Maternal Health Care Knowledge in Mozambique. Abstract PDF (287KB)

07-29: Søren Johansen, Anders Rygh Swensen: Exact Rational Expectations, Cointegration, and Reduced Rank Regression. Abstract PDF (140KB)

07-28: Steffen Huck, Gabriele K. Lünser, Jean-Robert Tyran: Consumer Networks and Firm Reputation: A First Experimental Investigation. Abstract PDF (139KB)

07-27: Søren Johansen, Morten Ørregaard Nielsen: Likelihood Inference for a Nonstationary Fractional Autoregressive Model. Abstract PDF (360KB)

07-26: David F. Hendry, Søren Johansen, Carlos Santos: Selecting a Regression Saturated by Indicators. Abstract PDF (223KB)

07-25: Søren Johansen: Correlation, Regression, and Cointegration of Nonstationary Economic Time Series. Abstract PDF (274KB)

07-24: Søren Johansen: Some Identification Problems in the Cointegrated Vector Autoregressive Model. Abstract PDF (242KB)

07-23: Finn Tarp, Lars Peter Østerdal: Multivariate Discrete First Order Stochastic Dominance. Abstract PDF (181KB)

07-22: Carol Newman, John Rand, Finn Tarp: Sector Switching: An Unexplored Dimension of Firm Dynamics in Developing Countries. Abstract PDF (301KB)

07-21: Holger Strulik, Jacob Weisdorf: The Simplest Unified Growth Theory.
Abstract PDF (197KB)

07-20: Paul Sharp, Jacob Weisdorf: From Preventive to Permissive Checks: The Changing Nature of the Malthusian Relationship between Nuptiality and the Price of Provisions in the Nineteenth Century. Abstract PDF (364KB)

07-19: Paul Sharp, Jacob Weisdorf: A Malthusian Model for all Seasons: A Theoretical Approach to Labour Input and Labour Surplus in Traditional Agriculture. Abstract PDF (214KB)

07-18: Carl-Johan Dalgaard, Lennart Erickson: Reasonable Expectations and the First Millennium Development Goal: How Much Can Aid Achieve? Abstract PDF (268KB)

07-17: Carl-Johan Dalgaard, Martin Kaae Jensen: Life Cycle Savings, Bequest, and the Diminishing Impact of Scale on Growth. Abstract PDF (260KB)

07-16: Mikkel Barslund: Estimation of Tobit Type Censored Demand Systems: A Comparison of Estimators. Abstract PDF (187KB)

07-15: Mikkel Barslund: Regional Differences in Food Consumption in Urban Mozambique: A Censored Demand System Approach. Abstract PDF (612KB)

07-14: Thomas Jensen: Terrorism, Anti-Terrorism, and the Copycat Effect.
Abstract PDF (168KB)

07-13: Thomas Jensen: Elections, Private Information, and State-Dependent Candidate Quality. Abstract PDF (173KB)

07-12: Thomas Jensen: Projection Effects and Strategic Ambiguity in Electoral Competition. Abstract PDF (238KB)

07-11: Karl Gunnar Persson, Paul Sharp: The Cost of Ignorance: Reputational Mark-up in the Market for Tuscan Red Wines. Abstract PDF (200KB)

07-10: Charles M. Harvey, Lars Peter Østerdal: Integral-Value Models for Outcomes over Continuous Time. Abstract PDF (398KB)

07-09: Carl-Johan Dalgaard, Holger Strulik: Rediscovering the Solow Model: An Energy Network Approach. Abstract PDF (391KB)

07-08: Katleen Van den Broeck, Stefan Dercon: Social Interactions in Growing Bananas: Evidence from a Tanzanian Village. Abstract PDF (365KB)

07-07: Mikkel Barslund, Finn Tarp: Formal and Informal Rural Credit in Four Provinces of Vietnam. Abstract PDF (377KB)

07-06: Philip Abbott, Jeanet Bentzen, Finn Tarp: Vietnam’s Accession to the WTO: Lessons from Past Trade Agreements. Abstract PDF (232KB)

07-05: Hans Keiding: Capabilities and Equality of Health II: Capabilities as Options.
Abstract PDF (95KB)

07-04: Steffen Huck, Gabriele K. Ruchala, Jean-Robert Tyran: Pricing and Trust.
Abstract PDF (310KB)

07-03: Jacob L. Weisdorf: Malthus Revisited: Fertility Decision Making based on Quasi-Linear Preferences. Abstract PDF (136KB)

07-02: Jens Leth Hougaard, Lars Peter Østerdal: Decreasing Serial Cost Sharing: an Axiomatic Characterization. Abstract PDF (126KB)

07-01: Charles M. Harvey, Lars Peter Østerdal: Cardinal Scales for Public Health Evaluation. Abstract PDF (803KB)