Discussion Papers 2011

11-32: Ivan Petrella & Emiliano Santoro: Inflation Dynamics and Real Marginal Costs: New Evidence from U.S. Manufacturing Industries Abstract PDF (480KB)

11-31: Martin Ljunge: Trust Issues: Evidence from Second Generation Immigrants. Abstract PDF (381KB)

11-30: Martin Ljunge: The Spirit of the Welfare State? Adaptation in the Demand for Social Insurance Abstract PDF (346KB)

11-29: Søren Johansen & Bent Nielsen: Asymptotic Theory for Iterated One-Step Huber-Skip Estimators. Abstract PDF (218KB)

11-28: Martin Ljunge: Do Taxes Produce Better Wine? Abstract PDF (193KB)

11-27: Martin Ljunge: Sick of Taxes? Evidence on the Elasticity of Labor Supply when Workers Are Free to Choose. Abstract PDF (314KB)

11-26: Torben Schmith, Søren Johansen, Peter Thejll: Statistical analysis of global surface air temperature and sea level using cointegration methods. Abstract PDF (439KB)

11-25: David F. Hendry, Søren Johansen: The Properties of Model Selection when Retaining Theory Variables. Abstract PDF (112KB)

11-24: Jens Leth Hougaard, Juan D. Moreno-Ternero, Lars Peter Østerdal: A new axiomatic approach to the evaluation of population health. Abstract PDF (253KB)

11-23: Thomas Greve: Multidimensional procurement auctions with unknown weights. Abstract PDF (162KB)

11-22: Thomas Barnebeck Andersen, Carl-Johan Dalgaard, Pablo Selaya: Eye Disease and Development. Abstract PDF (782KB)

11-21: Christian Heebøll-Christensen: Financial Instability - a Result of Excess Liquidity or Credit Cycles? Abstract PDF (742KB) 

11-20: Marc P. B. Klemp: Prices, Wages and Fertility in Pre-Industrial England. Abstract PDF (476KB) 

11-19: Thomas Markussen, Kitavi Mbuvi: When Does Ethnic Diversity Lead to Violence? Evidence from the 2007 Elections in Kenya. Abstract PDF (513KB) 

11-18: Wolfgang Höchtl, Rupert Sausgruber, Jean-Robert Tyran: Inequality Aversion and Voting on Redistribution. Abstract PDF (470KB) 

11-17: Giovanni Federico, Paul Sharp: The Cost of Railroad Regulation: The Disintegration of American Agricultural Markets in the Interwar Period. Abstract PDF (326KB) 

11-16: Marc P. B. Klemp, Jacob Weisdorf: The Child Quantity-Quality Trade-Off during the Industrial Revolution in England. Abstract PDF (474KB) 

11-15: Søren Johansen, Theis Lange: Some Econometric Results for the Blanchard-Watson Bubble Model. Abstract PDF (74KB) 

11-14: Marc Klemp, Jacob Weisdorf: The Lasting Damage to Mortality of Early-Life Adversity: Evidence from the English Famine of the late 1720s. Abstract PDF (431KB) 

11-13: Channing Arndt, Roberta Distante, M. Azhar Hussain, Lars Peter Østerdal, Pham Lan Huong, Maimuna Ibraimo: Ordinal Welfare Comparisons with Multiple Discrete Indicators: A First Order Dominance Approach and Application to Child Poverty. Abstract PDF (178KB) 

11-12: Charles M. Harvey, Lars Peter Østerdal: Discounting Models for Outcomes over Continuous Time. Abstract PDF (503KB) 

11-11: Ingrid Henriksen, Morten Hviid, Paul Sharp: Law and Peace: Contracts and the Success of the Danish Dairy Cooperatives. Abstract PDF (421KB)

11-10: Claus Bjørn Jørgensen, Sigrid Suetens, Jean-Robert Tyran: Predicting Lotto Numbers. Abstract PDF (318KB) 

11-09: Carl-Johan Dalgaard, Holger Strulik: Optimal Aging and Death: Understanding the Preston Curve. Abstract PDF (457KB) 

11-08: Rebecca Morton, Jean-Robert Tyran, Erik Wengström: Income and Ideology: How Personality Traits, Cognitive Abilities, and Education Shape Political Attitudes. Abstract PDF (687KB) 

11-07: Thomas Barnebeck Andersen, Jeanet Bentzen, Carl-Johan Dalgaard, Paul Sharp: Religious Orders and Growth through Cultural Change in Pre-Industrial England. Abstract PDF (805KB) 

11-06: Daniel X. Nguyen: The Desire for (Danish) Quality in High and Low Income Countries. Abstract PDF (752KB) 

11-05: Kenju Kamei, Louis Putterman, Jean-Robert Tyran: State or Nature? Formal vs. Informal Sanctioning in the Voluntary Provision of Public Goods. Abstract PDF (781KB) 

11-04: Thomas Markussen, Louis Putterman, Jean-Robert Tyran: Self-Organization for Collective Action: An Experimental Study of Voting on Formal, Informal, and No Sanction Regimes. Abstract PDF (675KB) 

11-03: Jens L. Hougaard, Juan D. Moreno-Ternero, Lars P. Østerdal: A Unifying Framework for the Problem of Adjudicating Conflicting Claims. Abstract PDF (515KB) 

11-02: Nina Boberg-Fazlic, Paul Sharp, Jacob Weisdorf: Survival of the Richest? Social Status, Fertility, and Social Mobility in England 1541-1824. Abstract PDF (664KB) 

11-01: Thomas Greve, Hans Keiding: Regulated Competition under Increasing Returns to Scale. Abstract PDF (182KB)