Discussion Papers 2014 

14-30: Jeanet Bentzen, Jacob Gerner Hariri and James A. Robinson: The Indigenous Roots of Representative Democracy Abstract  PDF (2,25MB)

14-29: Philipp Ager, Casper Worm Hansen and Lars Lønstrup: Church Membership and Social Insurance: Evidence from the American South Abstract  PDF (532KB)

14-28: Asger Moll Wingender: Structural transformation in the 20th century: A new database on agricultural employment around the world Abstract  PDF (623KB)

14-27: Thomas Markussen, Louis Putterman and Jean-Robert Tyran: Judicial Error and Cooperation Abstract  PDF (960KB)

14-26: Katarina Juselius and Katrin Assenmache: Real exchange rate persistence: the case of the Swiss franc-US dollar rate Abstract  PDF (561KB)

14-25: Thomas H. Jørgensen: Euler Equation Estimation: Children and Credit Constraints Abstract  PDF (281KB)

14-24: Søren Johansen: Times Series: Cointegration Abstract  PDF (616KB)

14-23: Søren Johansen and Bent Nielsen: Outlier detection algorithms for least squares time series regression Abstract  PDF (616KB)

14-22: Lukasz Gatarek and Søren Johansen: Optimal hedging with the cointegrated vector autoregressive model Abstract  PDF (403KB)

14-21: Carl-Johan Dalgaard and Holger Strulik: Physiological Constraints and Comparative Economic Development Abstract  PDF (1,28MB)

14-20: E.J.D. Webb: Do we see monopoly or duopoly? The influence of perception on entry deterrence Abstract  PDF (1,11MB)

14-19: Steffen Huck, Gabriele Lünser, Florian Spitzer and Jean-Robert Tyran: Medical Insurance and Free Choice of Physician Shape Patient Overtreatment. A Laboratory Experiment Abstract  PDF (1,78MB)

14-18: Rebecca Morton and Jean-Robert Tyran: Corruption in Committees: An Experimental Study of Information Aggregation through Voting Abstract  PDF (835KB)

14-17: Ole Jann, Christoph Schottmüller: Correlated equilibria in homogenous good Bertrand competition Abstract  PDF (552KB)

14-16: Fedor Iskhakov, John Rust and Bertel Schjerning: Recursive Lexicographical Search: Finding all Markov Perfect Equilibria of Finite State Directional Dynamic Games Abstract  PDF (354KB)

14-15: Nick Vikander: Sellouts, Beliefs, and Bandwagon Behavior Abstract  PDF (377KB)

14-14: Karl Gunnar Persson: Publish or perish: The publication history of the Department of Economics 1963-2013 Abstract  PDF (1,49MB)

14-13: Jed DeVaro, Jin-Hyuk Kim and Nick Vikander: Pay-for-(Persistent)-Luck: CEO Bonuses under Relational and Formal Contracting Abstract  PDF (786KB)

14-12: Alessandro Bucciol, Natalia Montinari and Marco Piovesan: It Wasn't Me! Visibility and Free riding in Waste Sorting Abstract  PDF (440KB)

14-11: Mette Ejrnæs and Karl Gunnar Persson: Fertility responses to expectations of child mortality in a Tuscan village 1700-1913: a micro-data approach Abstract  PDF (402KB)

14-10: Alexander W. Cappelen, Ulrik H. Nielsen, Bertil Tungodden, Jean-Robert Tyran and Erik Wengström: Fairness is intuitive Abstract  PDF (677KB)

14-09: Morten Hedegaard and Jean-Robert Tyran: The Price of Prejudice Abstract  PDF (853KB)

14-08: Johan N. M. Lagerlöf: Does Cost Uncertainty in the Bertrand Model Soften Competition? Abstract  PDF (248KB)

14-07: E. J. D. Webb: Perception and quality choice in vertically differentiated markets Abstract  PDF (373KB)

14-06: Marco Piovesan, Fabio Landini, Natalia Montinari and Paolo Pin: Friendship Network in the Classroom: Parents Bias and Peer Effects Abstract  PDF (1,67MB)

14-05: Thomas Jensen and Andreas Madum: Partisan Optimism and Political Bargaining Abstract  PDF (421KB)

14-04: Rasmus Søndergaard Pedersen: Targeting estimation of CCC-Garch models with infinite fourth moments Abstract  PDF (546KB)

14-03: Ulrik H. Nielsen: Parents' Education and their Adult Offspring's Other-Regarding Behavior Abstract  PDF (800KB)

14-02: Katarina Juselius, Abdulaziz Reshid and Finn Tarp: The Real Exchange Rate, Foreign Aid and Macroeconomic Transmission Mechanisms in Tanzania and Ghana Abstract  PDF (288KB)

14-01: Katarina Juselius: Testing for near I (2) trends when the signal to noise ratio is small  Abstract  PDF (412KB)