Discussion Papers 2004

04-34: Chr. Hjorth-Andersen: The Danish Museum System. Abstract PDF (202KB)

04-33: Chr. Hjorth-Andersen: The Danish Cultural Heritage: Economics and Politics.
Abstract PDF (357KB)

04-32: Jan Gunnarsson: Is Economic Analysis of Any Help in Studies of Legitimacy in the EU? Abstract PDF (186KB)

04-31: Katarina Juselius: Inflation, Money Growth, and I(2) Analysis.
Abstract PDF (385KB)

04-30: Henrik Hansen, John Rand: On the Causal Links between FDI and Growth in Developing Countries. Abstract PDF (143KB)

04-29: Christian Groth: Innovation and growth: What have we learnt from the robustness debate? Abstract PDF (190KB)

04-28: Mette Ejrnæs, Karl Gunnar Persson, Søren Rich: Feeding the British: Convergence and Market Efficiency in 19th Century Grain Trade. Abstract PDF (599KB)

04-27: Ines Lindner, Holger Strulik: Social Fractionalization, Endogenous Property Rights, and Economic Development. Abstract PDF (222KB)

04-26: Holger Strulik:  A Distributional Theory of Government Growth.
Abstract PDF (216KB)

04-25: Henning Tarp Jensen, Sherman Robinson, Finn Tarp: General Equilibrium Measures of Agricultural Policy Bias in Fifteen Developing Countries.
Abstract PDF (141KB)

04-24: Jens Leth Hougaard: A Simple Approximation of Productivity Scores of Fuzzy Production Plans. Abstract PDF (212KB)

04-23: Jens Leth Hougaard, Lars Peter Østerdal: Inequality Preserving Rationing.
Abstract PDF (151KB)

04-22: Peter Norman Sørensen: Simple Utility Functions with Giffen Demand.
Abstract PDF (224KB)

04-21: Heino Bohn Nielsen: UK Money Demand 1873-2001: A Cointegrated VAR Analysis with Additive Data Corrections. Abstract PDF (326KB)

04-20: Jacob Gyntelberg, Frank Hansen: Expected utility theory with ”small worlds”.
Abstract PDF (578KB). Rev. version January 2005 PDF (566KB)

04-19: Channing Arndt, Finn Tarp: On Trade Policy Reform and the Missing Revenue: an Application to Mozambique. Abstract PDF (271KB)

04-18: Rupert Sausgruber, Jean-Robert Tyran: Testing the Mill hypothesis of fiscal illusion. Abstract PDF (281KB)

04-17: Nikolaus Hautsch, Dieter Hess: Bayesian Learning in Financial Markets - Testing for the Relevance of Information Precision in Price Discovery. Abstract PDF (299KB)

04-16: John Kennes: Competitive Auctions: Theory and Application.
Abstract PDF (249KB)

04-15: Shigeyoshi Miyagawa, Yoji Morita: The Recent Monetary Policy and Money Demand in Japan. Abstract PDF (284KB)

04-14: Massimo Franchi: A Priori Inequality Restrictions and Bound Analysis in VAR Models. Abstract PDF (516KB)

04-13: Henrik Hansen, John Rand, Finn Tarp: SME Growth and Survival in Vietnam: Did Direct Government Support Matter? Abstract PDF (238KB)

04-12: Steffen Huck, Jean-Robert Tyran: Reciprocity, Social Ties, and Competition in Markets for Experience Goods. Abstract PDF (170KB)

04-11: Thomas Barnebeck Andersen, Thomas Harr, Finn Tarp: On US politics and IMF Lending. Abstract PDF (304KB)

04-10: Lars Peter Østerdal: QALYs, Person Trade-Offs, and the Pareto Principle.
Abstract PDF (144KB)

04-09: Mich Tvede, Hervé Crès: Voting in Assemblies of Shareholders and Incomplete Markets. Abstract PDF (272KB)

04-08: Bruce A. Conway, Klaus Reiner Schenk-Hoppé: (Un)anticipated Technological Change in an Endogenous Growth Model. Abstract PDF (261KB)

04-07: Anthony D. Hall, Nikolaus Hautsch: A Continuous-Time Measurement of the Buy-Sell Pressure in a Limit Order Book Market. Abstract PDF (850KB)

04-06: Jacob L. Weisdorf: From Domestic Manufacture to Industrial Revolution: Long-Run Growth and Agricultural Development. Abstract PDF (367KB)

04-05: Kristian Schultz Hansen, Lars Peter Østerdal: QALYs When Health Varies Over Time: An Analysis of  Model Identification and Parameter Estimation from Time Trade-Off and Standard Gamble Scores. Abstract PDF (262KB)

04-04: Lars Peter Østerdal: Exponential Health Utility: A Characterization and Comments on a Paper by Happich and Mühlbacher. Abstract PDF (108KB)

04-03: Thorsten Hens, Klaus Reiner Schenk-Hoppé: Survival of the Fittest on Wall Street. Abstract PDF (274KB)

04-02: Juan Camilo Gómez: Bargaining and Incentive Compatibility: A Pareto Frontier Approach. Abstract PDF (207KB)

04-01: Juan Camilo Gómez: An Extension of the Core Solution Concept.
Abstract PDF (236KB)