Discussion Papers 2006

06-26: Christian Groth: A New-Growth Perspective on Non-Renewable Resources.
Abstract PDF (299KB)

06-25: Matthew Baker, Erwin Bulte, Jacob Weisdorf: The Origins of Governments: From Amorphy to Anarchy and Hierarchy. Abstract PDF (242KB)

06-24: Rupert Sausgruber, Jean-Robert Tyran: Pure Redistribution and the Provision of Public Goods. Abstract PDF (78KB)

06-23: Chr. Hjorth-Andersen: The Relative Importance of the European Languages.
Abstract PDF (559KB)

06-22: Steffen Huck, Gabriele K. Ruchala, Jean-Robert Tyran: Competition Fosters Trust. Abstract PDF (346KB)

06-21: Frank Hansen: Decreasing Relative Risk Premium. Abstract PDF (518KB).
Revised version 2007 PDF (507KB).

06-20: Eva Rytter Sunesen: Measuring Idiosyncratic Risk: Implications for Capital Flows. Abstract PDF (245KB)

06-19: Mette Ejrnæs, Karl Gunnar Persson: The Gains from Improved Market Efficiency: Trade Before and After the Transatlantic Telegraph. Abstract PDF (265KB)

06-18: Holger Strulik, Jean-Robert Tyran, Paolo Vanini: Staying on the Dole.
Abstract PDF (214KB)

06-17: Carl-Johan Dalgaard and Holger Strulik: Subsistence – A Bio-economic Foundation of the Malthusian Equilibrium. Abstract PDF (427KB)

06-16: Massimo Franchi: A General Representation Theorem for Integrated Vector Autoregressive Processes. Abstract PDF (202KB)

06-15: Niels Framroze Møller: Linking Simple Economic Theory Models and the Cointegrated Vector AutoRegressive Model: Some Illustrative Examples.
Abstract PDF (291KB)

06-14: Paul Sharp: 1846 and All That: The Rise and Fall of British Wheat Protection in the Nineteenth Century. Abstract PDF (165KB)

06-13: Channing Arndt, Sam Jones and Finn Tarp: Aid and Development: The Mozambican Case. Abstract PDF (649KB)

06-12: Finn Tarp: Aid and Development. Abstract PDF (685KB)

06-11: Jens Leth Hougaard, Tue Tjur, Lars Peter Østerdal: Testing Preference Axioms in Discrete Choice experiments: A Reappraisal. Abstract PDF (180KB)

06-10: Giovanni Federico, Karl Gunnar Persson: Market Integration and Convergence in the World Wheat Market, 1800-2000. Abstract PDF (508KB)

06-09: Astrid Hopfensitz, Ernesto Reuben: The Importance of Emotions for the Effectiveness of Social Punishment. Abstract PDF (501KB)

06-08: Ernesto Reuben, Frans van Winden: Social Ties and Coordination on Negative Reciprocity: The Role of Affect. Abstract PDF (509KB)

06-07: Jan Gunnarsson: EU Legitimacy and Social Affiliation: A study of Engineers in Europe. Abstract PDF (183KB)

06-06: Christian Groth, Karl-Josef Koch, Thomas M. Steger: Rethinking the Concept of Long-Run Economic Growth. Abstract PDF (188KB)

06-05: Massimo Franchi: The Integration Order of Vector Autoregressive Processes.
Abstract PDF (172KB)

06-04: Thomas Barnebeck Andersen, Carl-Johan Dalgaard: Cross-Border Flows of People, Technology Diffusion and Aggregate Productivity. Abstract PDF (251KB)

06-03: Mikkel Barslund, Finn Tarp: Rural Credit in Vietnam. Abstract PDF (768KB)

06-02: John Kennes, Aaron Schiff: Informational Intermediation and Competing Auctions. Abstract PDF (433KB)

06-01: Gerald Pruckner, Rupert Sausgruber: Trust on the Streets: A Natural Field Experiment on Newspaper Purchasing. Abstract PDF (376KB)