Discussion Papers 2013


13-17: Jeanet Sinding Bentzen, Nicolai Kaarsen and Asger Moll Wingender: The Timing of Industrialization Across Countries:  Abstract  PDF (308KB)

13-16: Christian Groth and Jakob B. Madsen: Medium-term Fluctuations and the "Great Ratios" of Economic Growth Abstract  PDF (725KB)

13-15: Johan N. M. Lagerlöf and Christoph Schottmüller: Monopoly Insurance with Endogenous Information Abstract  PDF (489KB)

13-14: Rupert Sausgruber and Jean-Robert Tyran: Discriminatory Taxes are Unpopular - Even when they are Efficient and Distributionally Fair Abstract  PDF (713KB)

13-13: H. Peter Boswijk, Giuseppe Cavaliere, Anders Rahbek and A.M. Robert Taylor: Inference on Co-integration Parameters in Heteroskedastic Vector Autoregressions Abstract  PDF (547KB)

13-12: Johan N. M. Lagerlöf and Christoph Schottmüller: Facilitating Consumer Learning in Insurance Markets - What Are the Welfare Effects? Abstract  PDF (472KB)

13-11: Alexei Parakhonyak and Nick Vikander: Optimal Sales Schemes for Network Goods Abstract  PDF (194KB)

13-10: Ola Andersson, Håkan J. Holm, Jean-Robert Tyran and Erik Wengström: Risk aversion relates to cognitive ability: Fact or Fiction? Abstract  PDF (349KB)

13-09: Ola Andersson, Håkan J. Holm, Jean-Robert Tyran and Erik Wengström: Deciding for Others Reduces Loss Aversion Abstract  PDF (368KB)

13-08: Ulrik H. Nielsen, Jean-Robert Tyran and Erik Wengström: Second Thoughts on Free Riding Abstract  PDF (1,73MB)

13-07:  Line Elvstrøm Ekner, Emil Nejstgaard: Parameter Identification in the Logistic STAR Model Abstract  PDF (659KB)

13-06:  Niels Framroze Møller: Understanding Unemployment Hysteresis: A system-based econometric approach to changing equilibria and slow adjustment Abstract  PDF (405KB)

13-05:  Fedor Iskhakov, John Rust and Bertel Schjerning: The Dynamics of Bertrand Price Competition with Cost-Reducing Investments Abstract  PDF (4753KB)

13-04:  Andreas Noack Jensen and Morten Ørregaard Nielsen: A fast fractional difference algorithm Abstract  PDF (199KB)

13-03:  Thomas Jensen: Elections, Information, and State-Dependent Candidate Quality Abstract  PDF (221KB)

13-02:  Jeanet Sinding Bentzen: Origins of Religiousness: The Role of Natural Disasters Abstract  PDF (447KB)

13-01:  Søren Johansen and Bent Nielsen: Asymptotic analysis of the Forward Search Abstract  PDF (1,8MB)