Discussion Papers 1994

: William Perraudin, Bent Sørensen: Modelling Exchange Rates in Continuous Time: Theory, Estimation and Option Pricing. Abstract

94-15: Egbert Dierker, Birgit Grodal: Profit Maximization Mitigates Competition. Abstract
→ Publ. in: Economic Theory, 1996, 7(1) pp 139-160

94-14: Peter Birch Sørensen, Lars Haagen Pedersen, Søren Bo Nielsen: Taxation, Pollution, Unemployment and Growth: Could there be a "Triple Dividend" from a Green Tax Reform? Abstract

94-13: Niels Thygesen: A Critical Examination of Target Zones and Reflections on the EMS Experience. Abstract

94-12: Hans Jørgen Jacobsen: On the Foundations of Nash Equilibrium. Abstract
→ Publ. in: Economics and Philosophy, 1996, 12(1) pp 67-88
→ Publ. in:  D. A. Walker, ed., Equilibrium. Volume 3. Some recent types of equilibrium models. Elgar, 2000, pp 365-86. 

94-11: Hans Jørgen Jacobsen, Christian Schultz: Optimal Labor Contracts May Exhibit Wage Fluctuations Due to Wage Discrimination. Abstract
→ Publ. in: Annales d'Economie et de Statistique, 1995, 37/38, pp 75-90 

94-10: Henrik Lando: Allocating Durable Goods Through a First-Come Rule or Through Individual Ownership. Abstract

94-09: Torben Tranæs: Unemployment and Policy Neutrality under Competition. Abstract

94-08: Henrik Lando: The Dual Class Share System and the Market for Corporate Control. Abstract

94-07: Karl Gunnar Persson: Integration and Deregulation of European Grain Markets, 1500-1900. Abstract

94-06: Ebbe Hendon, Hans Jørgen Jacobsen, Birgitte Sloth: Fictitious Play in Extensive Form Games. Abstract
→ Publ. in: Games and Economic Behavior, 1996, 15(2) pp 177-202 

94-05: Christian Schultz: Reputation for Honesty in Repeated Games with One Long Run Player. Abstract

94-04: Svend Albæk, Per Baltzer Overgaard: Signalling to Competing Retailers: Receiver Discretion and Adverse Selection. Abstract

94-03: Hans Christian Kongsted: Constancy of Structural Long-Run Relations in a Cointegrated VAR Model of Export Pricing. Abstract

94-02: Svend Albæk, Per Baltzer Overgaard: Uniqueness in Two-type Signalling Games: Finite Response Sets vs. Continuum Response Sets. Abstract

94-01: Peter Hjertholm: Developing Country Debt in the 1990s: Is the Crisis Over? Abstract