Research Areas

Econometrics and Empirical Economics

This area deals with development of econometric theory and method as well as specific empirical studies. The research includes projects on construction and analyses of data as well as purely theoretical questions concerning mathematical-statistical methods of estimation.

Theoretical and Applied Statistics and Demography

This area deals with the development of statistical methods, as well as applications of these on a wide range of various societal issues, e.g., demographics.


Microeconomics is concerned with individuals' economic behavior. It studies how the economy is affected by such behaviour given various economic constraints and institutions.

Macroeconomics, including Monetary Theory and International Economics

Macroeconomics seeks to explain the behavior of aggregate economic variables (e.g., income, employment, inflation, etc.), and how economic policy interacts with this behavior. The aim is to both understand such aggregates in the short run (cyclical fluctuations) and in the long run (economic growth).


This area is concerned with consumers' and firms' decisions on financing economic choices. It covers, among other things, pricing of financial instruments and the interaction between financial markets and the economy.

Public Economics and Regulation

This area concerns the economic aspects of the existence and regulation of the public sector. Examples of such aspects are reforms of the health sector, general taxation issues, environmental policy, the welfare state, etc.

Business Economics and Industrial Organization

Business economics is about the financial, technical and administrative problems of firms. The subjects of industrial organization are, e.g., the pricing behavior of firms under various market structures as well as regulation of markets.

Economic History and History of Economic Theory

Economic history studies the historical economic development of various countries and/or markets. The history of economic theory is about the historical development of economic theory.

Development Economics

The research area mainly covers problems of economic development (e.g., poverty, economic aid, income distribution) taking both a theoretical and applied perspective.