Life at the Department of Economics

The Department of Economics stands for research at a high international level, research-based teaching and a contribution to the international and Danish debate on economic policy. Our study programme in economics attracts bright young people who get one of the best educations in economics in Europe, who then either contribute to the community around us or choose the research route.

We recruit students and researchers from Danish and international backgrounds to ensure the best possible education and the highest quality research. At the Department, there is a high level of activity. Communication is in Danish and English and we have ambitious programmes with frequent seminars, workshops and conferences with many external visiting academics. You can learn more about us on our People pages.

Our house

We are part of the Faculty of Social Sciences and are based at Building 26, 35, and parts of 25. We are deeply rooted in history. Teaching and research in economics started at the University of Copenhagen already in 1848 and we have been based in Studiegården for decades. We relocated to the Center for Health and Society in 2009 which brought together all the social science departments at UCPH.

Aiming at high academic levels we take off from a foundation of a positive environment. We have collected a catalogue of Ambitions representing our continuous focus on ensuring an inclusive, welcoming, diverse, professional, and respectful culture at the Department for Economics.

The purpose of our work is to:

  • Carry out research at a high international level.
  • Provide research-based undergraduate and graduate teaching and supervision.
  • Participate actively in the Danish and international debate on economic policy.

We stimulate the high level of research and teaching by way of an ambitious guest programme, inter-disciplinary and international collaborations, open seminars, workshops and conferences. And by establishing a range of externally funded research centres.

Door sign of the Department of Economics