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Our research results place us amongst the Top 10 in Europe. This is the result of the economics research that we carry out at our department and in collaboration with our international partners. Research from the Department of Economics is published in the most widely acclaimed international journals.

Are humans generous by nature? Why is there inequity in income distribution? What is the link between trade and welfare? How can the authorities prevent a financial crisis? Economic research is multifaceted. Economic theory and methods are used in a broad range of the socially-related issues and constantly provide new knowledge that benefits the community and moves the international research front.

International and national public and private foundations wish to support the research done at the Department of Economics. About half of the Department's research is done with external funding.

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Zeuthen Lectures

The Zeuthen Lectures feature internationally distinguished scholars giving lectures on new ground-breaking economic subjects. Around the lectures we organize the Zeuthen Workshop allowing young researchers to present and discuss their recent research within the subject of the year's Zeuthen Lectures.


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