WinE-DK saw the light of day on the 20th of January 2020 when more than 30 female economists met to start a network for Women in Economics in Denmark. Our aim is to document gender differences in economics and find ways to reduce these differences. We do this by organizing events for our members as well as collaborating with other networks, such as WinE or the Nordic Female Economists Network. Our first major event is the Women in Economics Event on the 19th of November 2020.

Women in Economics – status quo and ways forward is the first event organized by WinE-DK. On 19 November, we will zoom in on sources for gender imbalances in the economics profession. We will take this evidence, group discussions and expert input as a point of departure for a focus on what we all - students, researchers, management - can do to put diversity in economics on the agenda.






WinE-DK is a collaboration between:

Copenhagen Business School Exchange | Benedictine | Chicago | Catholic  Universities

Oplæg om visionen for det nye grønne byrum i Gellerup på konference ved  Aarhus Universitet - Boris Brorman Jensen

SDU - Kryptologi - Cyberhub

Partnere – Københavns Universitet

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