Research in the societal consequences of the Covid-19 Pandemic

When hit by the Covid-19 Pandemic we faced shocks to our income and our beliefs: What does this mean to our household income and retirement wealth, we thought? How will small and middle sized business cope with the international lock-down? Where do I go with all my questions and need for explanations? And what can we learn from history?

Stop corona. Photo: Colourbox

At the Department of Economics, UCPH, we search for answers to questions that arise from the Corona crisis. At this page we share the results on our Covid-19 related research - and build on the page as we go along. So stay tuned for the row of current and future results you will find here. 






















































































Name Title Phone E-mail
Adam Sheridan Postdoc +45 353-31422 E-mail
Asger Lau Andersen Associate professor +45 353-33133 E-mail
Casper Worm Hansen Associate professor +45 353-36978 E-mail
Edward Samuel Jones Associate professor +45 353-23038 E-mail
Emil Toft Hansen PhD fellow +45 353-24085 E-mail
Jeanet Sinding Bentzen Associate professor +45 353-24400 E-mail
Johannes Wohlfart Assistant professor, tenure track +45 353-32061 E-mail
Morten Bennedsen Professor +45 353-34278 E-mail
Niels Johannesen Professor with special responsibilities +45 353-24415 E-mail
Paolo Falco Assistant professor, tenure track +45 353-34817 E-mail
Sarah Zaccagni Postdoc +45 353-37860 E-mail