Scientific impact

We form the largest Danish economics department and we are responsible for the largest economics study programme in Denmark. Our position oblige us to cover all important areas of economics such that the department can offer research-based teaching.

For decades, the Department of Economics, UCPH, has been known in the international research community for our theoretical research of a very high quality. Nowadays, the department’s high quality research spans many areas, theoretical as well as applied. All of the department’s research groups are on the research frontier in their area with publications in leading general interest and field journals.

Research within the groups CCE, CEE, EPRU, FRU, MRU, DERG and AE (formerly MEHR) has been published in American Economic Review, Econometrica, Review of Economic Studies and Quarterly Journal of Economics. Furthermore, EPRU research has been published in the leading political science journal American Political Science Review.

We follow the international trend where Economics research has tended to become more applied. In particular, an increasing amount of research at the department has in the last 10-15 years been using the excellent Danish register data, which (together with the Norwegian and Swedish) are unique in the world.

Societal impact

Our outreach activities are manifold and involve different stakeholders.

The media coverage of research results from our department is solid: we disseminate our own original research results, and we improve the quality of public debates with research-based insights. Examples of the departmental media stories, national as well as international, are always updated at our webpage. This is an output of our research.

The societal outcome and the impact of the scientific work has a more diffuse character. The traits of our research effort show in society with a time delay after results have been found. That is the nature of the societal impact of social science. Still, our conferences open to relevant stakeholders, our collaboration with ministries and our participation in boards and commissions have paved the way for solid societal impact.