Applied Economics (AE)

AE is a group of researchers at the Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen, who work on applied economic topics within trade, growth, history, micro, and urban.

We organize a regular research seminar series including presentations by leading international scholars.

If you work outside the Department of Economics, but wish to receive information on our forthcoming seminars or have other questions about AE, please send an email to 























Faculty members

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Bennedsen, Morten Professor Ownermanaged Firms, Family Business and Corporate Governance;Applied Microeconomics Billede af Bennedsen, Morten
Bentzen, Jeanet Sinding Associate Professor - Promotion Programme Empirical Research on: Economic Development over the Long Run; Causes and Consequences of Religion; Institutions and Prosperity; Long Term Causes o... Billede af Bentzen, Jeanet Sinding
Buus, Magnus Tolum Postdoc International trade, empirical industrial organization, applied micro econometrics, trade policy, globalization Billede af Buus, Magnus Tolum
Dalgaard, Carl-Johan Lars Professor Economic Growth; Development; Macroeconomics Billede af Dalgaard, Carl-Johan Lars
Foged, Mette Associate Professor Labour economics; household economics; economics of migration and integration; applied microeconometrics Billede af Foged, Mette
Fosgerau, Mogens Professor Economics of Transportation; Congestion; Information and Entropy; Discrete Choice Econometrics Billede af Fosgerau, Mogens
Hansen, Casper Worm Professor Mortality; Life Expectancy; Demographic Changes; Long-run Economic Growth; Macroeconomics of Development Billede af Hansen, Casper Worm
Harmon, Nikolaj Arpe Associate Professor Labor Markets; Jobs; Politicians; Public sector employees; Program evaluation Billede af Harmon, Nikolaj Arpe
Hasager, Linea Postdoc Immigration; labor economics; integration of refugees; applied microeconometrics; register data Billede af Hasager, Linea
Jørgensen, Thomas Høgholm Associate Professor Household decision making, structural estimation and applied microeconometrics. Billede af Jørgensen, Thomas Høgholm
Klemp, Marc Associate Professor Economic Growth and Population Studies Billede af Klemp, Marc
Munch, Jakob Roland Professor Globalization; International Trade; Labor Economics; Migration; Emerging Markets Billede af Munch, Jakob Roland
Munk-Nielsen, Anders Associate Professor Empirical Industrial Organization; Structural Microeconometrics; Health Economics; Discrete Choice; Transportation Economics Billede af Munk-Nielsen, Anders
Nielsen, Nikolaj Postdoc Microeconometrics, dynamic programming, economics of education, discrete choice econometrics, demand estimation Billede af Nielsen, Nikolaj
Olsen, Morten Graugaard Associate Professor Technological Change, Income Inequality, Economic Growth, Automation Billede af Olsen, Morten Graugaard
Schjerning, Bertel Professor Dynamic Discrete Choice Models; Dynamic Equilibrium Models; Dynamic Games with Multiple Equilibria; Computational Methods; Structural Estimation Billede af Schjerning, Bertel
Selaya, Pablo Associate Professor Comparative Economic and Political Development; Long Term Growth; Political Economy; Institutional and Cultural Change Billede af Selaya, Pablo
Skandalis, Daphné Jocelyne Assistant Professor - Tenure Track Labor Market, Unemployment, Social Insurance, Job Search, Inequality Billede af Skandalis, Daphné Jocelyne
Wingender, Asger Mose Associate Professor Economic Growth; Human Capital and Education; Political Institutions; Structural Transformation; Economic History Billede af Wingender, Asger Mose
Wüst, Miriam Associate Professor - Promotion Programme Empirical Research on Children and Families; Health Economics; Applied Micro Econometrics; Family Economics Billede af Wüst, Miriam
Zink, Edith Postdoc Economics of cultural change, political economy, social and political movements Billede af Zink, Edith
le Maire, Daniel Associate Professor Labor Economics; Search Theory; Applied Microeconometrics Billede af le Maire, Daniel