PhD defenses

The completed PhD thesis is defended publicly. The PhD student is given up to 45 minutes to present the main findings of the PhD thesis, before an expert assessment committee enters into a discussion of the thesis with the PhD student. At the end of the defence, other members of the audience will be given the opportunity to join the discussion. Following the defence, the committee makes its final recommendation as to whether the author should be awarded the PhD degree.


19.6           Kasper Brandt: "Essays in Development Economics: 
                   Human Capital and Armed Conflicts"

18.5           Jonas Lau-Jensen Hirani: "Universal Child Policies, Child Development
                  and Parental Behavior"

28.4           Rasmus Bisgaard Larsen: "Essays in Macroeconomics :
                  Consumption Behavior, Price Dynamics, and Fiscal Spending"

16.4           Frederik Plesner Lyngse: "Essays in Health Economics:
                  Supply and Demand".

26.3           Katrine Marie Tofthøj Jakobsen: "Impact of Taxation on Household 
                  Behavior.  Evidence from Danish Administrative Data" 

10.1           Maria Juul Hansen:"Topics in Urban Economics: 
                  Non-Market Valuation and Location Choice"

 8.1            Helene Willadsen: "Economic Behaviour of Children and Young Adults"


13.12         Emil Bjerre Jensen: "Essays on Spending, Mortgages and 
                  Preferences. Evidence from transaction data".

28.11         Ulf Aslak: "Complexity in Social Data.Towards mapping and
                  understanding complex phenomena in big social systems,
                  using data science"

1.11          Magnus Tolum Buus:"How Firms Expand in Export Markets.
                  Evidence from Danish Data on Exporter-Importer Relationships and
                  Export Promotion Services"

1.11          Anne Toft Hansen:"Topics in Economics of Higher Education:
                 Choices and Returns"

30.10        Frederik Plum Hauschultz:"Learning, Search,and Competition
                  in Pharmaceutical Markets"

23.9          Laurs Randbøll Leth: "Essays on High-Frequency Market Microstructure: 
                 Herding and Volume-Synchronized Probability of Informed Trading"

28.5          Marcus Mølbak Ingholt: "Financial Frictions in a Housing Economy:
                 Multiple Credit Constraints, internal migration,  and Bank Runs"

20.5          Philipp Christian Kless: "New Bootstrap Methods for Financial and
                 Economic Time Series"

16.5          Thomas Rasmusen Tørsløv: "International Corporate Taxation -  
                 The result of trying to curb strong economic incentives with unclear rules"

29.3          Adam Sheridan: "Essays on Banks, Insurance, and Social Networks"

21.3          Andreas Gotfredsen: "Essays in Bahavioral and Experimental Economics"

13.3          Benjamin Ly Serena: "Essays in Health Economics: Measurement and 

04.3          Nick Fabrin Nielsen: "Empirical Essays at the Intersection of Economics, 
                 Health, and Education"



Ludvig Wier: "Hide and Seek for Professionals: How Corporate Profits Fled High-Tax Countries (and Where to Find Them)"

10.12 Anne-Line Koch Helsø: "Labour Supply and Earnings - In Old Age, in Bad Health, and Across Generations"

Anne Sofie Beck Knudsen: "Persistence and Change in Long-Run Development"


Sarah Clifford: "Tax Enforcement and Compliance: Theory and Empirics"


Sarah Sander: "Investments in Universal Early Childhood Education"


Mikkel Høst Gandil: "Intergenerational Mobility and Equality of Opportunity in Primary Education"



Ashenafi Belayneh Ayenew: Essays in Development Economics: Shocks, Insurance, and Health


Anne Ardila Brenøe: "Causes and Consequences of Gender Differences in Human Capital Formation"


Daniel Gerszon Mahler: "Measuring What Matters? Empirical Essays in Welfare"


Peter Lihn Jørgensen:"Essays in Macroeconomics: Expectations, House Prices, and Inflation"


Natnael Simachew Nigatu:"Essays on Globalization and Labor Markets. Gender Gap, Re-training, and Immigrant Integration"



Thor Pajhede Nielsen: "Tales From the Unit Interval: Backtesting, Forecasting and Modeling"


Casper Nordal Jørgensen: " Understanding the Consumption and Savings Decisions of Households"

24-08 Amalie Sofie Jensen:"Essays on Saving Behavior, Homeownership, and Political Preferences"
04-09 Heidi Kaila: "Essays on Development Economics. Information Technology, Human Capital, and Conflict"
01-12 Peter Kjær Kruse-Andersen: "R&D-Based Economic Growth, Directed Technical Change, and Environmental Policy"
15-12 Gregers Nytoft Rasmusen: "Patience, Risk Aversion, and Economic Behavior: Combining Experimental Data with Administrative Register Data"



Svend Greniman Andersen: " Offshoring, innovation and wages in the global economy


Tseday Jemaneh Mekasha:"Macroeconomic Shocks and Inflation, Social Protection and Aid Effectiveness"


Edward John Dorrell Webb: "Attention and perception in decision-making and interactions" 


Andreas Bjerre-Nielsen: "Dynamics of homophily in friendships"


Allan Anders Balsgaard:"Arms Races and War. A game theoretic analysis"


Ulrik Richardt Beck: Essays in Development Economics: Inequality Measurement and Household Factor Allocations


Leonardo Esteban Salazar Vergara:" Essays on Labor and Exchange Markets in Chile"


Louise Charlotte Willerslev-Olsen: "Essays in Economics. Forecasting, rationality and financial trouble"


Ole Jann: "Multiple Equilibria in Markets and Games"


Hailemariam Ayalew Tiruneh:"Impact Evaluation of Policy Reforms: Quasi-experimental Evidence from Africa"



Thomas Høgholm Jørgensen: "Life-Cycle Consumption and Retirement within the Family


Andreas Madum: "Deciding before an Audience. Essays in Applied Microeconomics"


Jakob Egholt Søgaard:"Assorted Essays in Economics: Inequality, Labor Supply and Gender Roles"


Anna Folke Larsen: "Agricultural technology adoption, food security, poverty and child health: Assessments of an agricultural intervention in Tanzania"
07-09-2015 Thais Lærkholm Jensen: "Credit Supply and the Real Economy"
13-11-2015 Anders Ib Munk-Nielsen: "Car Ownership, Type Choice and Use"
16-11-2015 Rasmus Søndergaard Pedersen: "Inteference and Testing in Multivariate GARCH Models"
01-12-2015 Jeppe Druedahl: "Microfunding Consumption, Uncertainty, liquidity and heterogeneity"
02-12-2015 Sebastian Barfort: "Essays in Political Economics"



Peer Skov: "Essays in Empirical Public Finance: Tax Incentives and Taxpayer Behavior"


Nina Boberg-Fazlic: "Essays on Demography, Social Mobility, and the Development of the Welfare State"


Line Elvstrøm Ekner: "Cointegration and Regime Switching Dynamics in Macroeconomic Applications"
28-04-2014 Ulrik Haagen Nielsen: "Social Dilemma Behavior"


Mette Foged: "International Migration:A Destination Country and Migrant Perspective"


Andreas Noack:"Some Mathematical and Computational Results for Vector Error Correction Models"


Benedikte Alkjærsig Bjerge: "Essays on Social Network Formation in Sub-Saharan Africa"


Emil Nejstgaard: " Theory and Applications in non-liniar Cointegrated VAR Models"


Christian Heebøll-Christensen:"Housing Markets in Booms and Busts. Essays on housing market structures and the policy response to boom-bust cycles"
20-10-2014 Kristoffer Markwardt: "Eudcation and Unemployment Insurance"


Hans Henrik Sievertsen: "From Birth to Graduation - Essays on the Economics of Education and early Interventions"


Fiseha Haile Gebregziabher:"Essays in Empirical Development Economics: Insights from Time-Series and Panel Data Analysis"
28-10-2014 Asger Moll Wingender: Agriculture and development


Alessandro Martinello: Schooling and savings. From consistency of policy analysis tools to the effect of liquidity on choices under uncertainty"


Gitte Yding Salmansen: "Essays on Monetary and Fiscal Policy Interactions"


Andreas Lund Hetland: "On Particle Filter-Based Estimation and Inference for Dynamic Models with Unobserved Variables"