Introduction to the PhD Programme

The PhD programme in Economics is an advanced education in research, aiming at bringing the student to the international research frontier, and at developing the student’s ability to create research contributions. The programme is designed for skilled students, who are interested in research activities or in continued careers in economic research within the public and private sectors.

The PhD programme consists of a course-work part and a research part, a research project on a specific topic. During the first part of the programme, the student attends advanced courses. The study is completed by the thesis, which is an independent piece of work containing research contributions at the international level.

Each PhD student has his/her own supervisor, who gives the student general advice about the composition of the PhD Programme and the writing of the thesis.

In the course of the programme, the PhD student should present the results of his/her research at the Department of Economics, and at conferences and workshops elsewhere. As a part of the programme the student is supposed to spend some time in another research environment, preferably abroad. Part of the course-work may be completed during this period.

Length of the PhD programme

The Department of Economics offers the PhD programme according to either the 5+3 year model, the 4+4 year model or the 3+5 model..

Admission to the 5+3 year model requires that the student be in possession of a master's degree in economics (or an equivalent degree). Duration of the PhD Programme is then 3 years.

Admission to the 4+4 year model requires that the student be in possession of a BA in economics and the first year of a graduate programme in economics with the associated examinations. The duration of the PhD Programme is then 4 years.

Admission to the 3+5 year model requires that the student be in possession of a BA in economics. The duration of the PhD Programme is then 5 years.

External Cooperation

The Department has a tradition for close cooperation with relevant external partner institutions interested in economic topics. This often concerns research projects with a strong applied focus. In particular, many PhD students have previously obtained financing for their studies from public research institutions in Copenhagen, placed outside the University. In these cases, the PhD students can take advantage of their direct access to the relevant knowledge possessed by the external partners.