PhD Students

Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Agneman, Gustav Development Economics, Political Economics, Economics of Culture; Armed Conflict   E-mail
Andersen, Esben Scriver PhD fellow Structural estimation, discrete choices and generalized entropy models (GEM)   E-mail
Andersen, Lars Harhoff PhD student Economic history, political economics, economics of religion, economics of culture, institutions +45 353-24008 E-mail
Berkel, Hanna Mareen PhD fellow Development Economics, Mozambique, Firms, Climate Change, Natural Disasters   E-mail
Betancourt Hurtado, Maria Alejandra PhD fellow Applied microeconomics, firm organization, corporate governance, organizational economics +45 353-37396 E-mail
Busch, Martin Benedikt PhD fellow Behavioral economics, experimental economics, network theory, network experiments +45 353-26816 E-mail
Cavalca, Petra Gram PhD fellow Foster care; labour economics; economics of education; family economics; applied microeconometrics +45 353-34539 E-mail
Chevrot, Esther PhD fellow Applied Microeconometrics, Organizational Economics, Labour Economics, Economics of Culture, Behaviour +45 42 34 26 34 E-mail
Chrisander, Emil PhD fellow Social data science; applied machine learning; educational economics;data mining; data mining +45 353-26714 E-mail
Christensen, Lykke Sterll PhD student Education Economics; Inequality; Mechanism Design; Applied Microeconometrics; Structural Modeling +45 353-20895 E-mail
Druedahl, Jeppe Associate professor Macroeconomic Questions; Models with Uncertainty and Heterogeneity; Micro-level Data; Computational Methods +45 353-24425 E-mail
Eskildsen, Janek Bligaard PhD fellow Resource, environmental, and climate economics, energy economics, transport economics, computational general equilibrium models +45 35 36 46 47 E-mail
Garcia Miralles, Esteban PhD fellow Applied microeconometrics, health economics, public economics +45 353-34299 E-mail
Glavind, Kristoffer Lind PhD fellow Social data science, machine learning, big data, econometrics +45 353-36934 E-mail
Hansen, Emil Toft PhD fellow Household finance, payday lending, household debt behavior, geographical consumption patterns, financial wealth & consumption +45 353-24085 E-mail
Hasager, Linea Research assistant Immigration; labor economics; integration of refugees; applied microeconometrics; register data +45 353-34597 E-mail
Hetland, Simon Thinggaard PhD fellow Financial econometrics, time series analysis and econometric theory, term structure modeling, volatility modeling, cointegration analysis   E-mail
Hirani, Jonas Lau-Jensen PhD fellow Universal child policies, early childhood investments, health economics, family economics, applied microeconometrics +45 353-25316 E-mail
Holm, Mathilde Lund PhD fellow Family Economics, Applied Microeconometrics, Policy Evaluation +45 353-30153 E-mail
Hvidberg, Kristoffer Balle PhD fellow Applied microeconometrics; education; economic and financial behavior; inequality +45 353-30922 E-mail
Iversen, Anna Kollerup PhD fellow Health economics, applied microeconometrics, policy evaluation +45 353-35367 E-mail
Jensen, Amalie Sofie Assistant professor, tenure track Economic policy; public economics; taxes and transfers; housing economics; political preferences +45 353-31360 E-mail
Jørgensen, Mia Renee Herløv Research assistant Inequality, applied microeconometrics, public economics, marcro economics +45 353-33410 E-mail
Jørgensen, Pernille Plato PhD student Automation; Globalization; International Trade; Labor Economics; Health Outcomes; Applied Microeconometrics; Register Data +45 353-36817 E-mail
Kless, Philipp Christian PhD student Financial econometrics. econometric theory. GARCH.Bootstrap for financial and economic time series   E-mail
Kristiansen, Ida Lykke PhD fellow Health economics, family economics, child development inequality, applied microeconometrics +45 353-37596 E-mail
Laczek, Malene Callesøe Fuglsang PhD student Applied Microeconometrics, Structural Estimation, Inequality, Economic of Education, labor Economics +45 353-35548 E-mail
Larsen, Kristian Urup Olesen PhD student Applied Microeconometrics; Labor Economics; Health, Inequality, Machine Learning   E-mail
Leisner, Jonathan PhD student International Trade; Environmental Economics; Microeconometrics; Industrial Regulation; Applied Microeconomics +45 353-35006 E-mail
Madsen, Jeppe Elholm PhD fellow Microeconometrics, Reform Evaluation, Social Mobility, Early Childhood Interventions, Labour Economics   E-mail
Meyer, Bjørn Bjørnsson PhD fellow Labor Economics; economics of education; tertiary education; applied microeconometrics; policy evaluation   E-mail
Minor, Kelton Ray PhD fellow Climate Change, Impacts, Adaptation, Technology, Behavior +45 28 99 38 36 E-mail
Nielsen, August Emil Twile PhD student Environmental, Natural Resource and Climate Economics; International Trade; Microeconometrics; Pollution Regulation; Environmental Policy; Political Economics +45 353-36216 E-mail
Nielsen, Nikolaj PhD fellow Microeconometrics, dynamic programming, economics of education, discrete choice econometrics, demand estimation +45 353-28149 E-mail
Olufsen, Isabel Skak PhD student Økonomiske præferencer, experimental economics, survey data, ulighed +45 353-25322 E-mail
Partsch, Emil Holst PhD fellow Hetereogeneous agent macroeconomic models; financial frictions; continuous and discrete time computational methods; Consumption-saving behavior +45 353-25610 E-mail
Pietraszek, Marie Gram PhD fellow Labor Economics, Education, Applied Microeconometrics, Machine Learning   E-mail
Rasmussen, Joachim Kahr PhD fellow Labour economis; Inequality. applied microeconometrics +45 353-36209 E-mail
Rasmussen, Mette PhD fellow Labor economics; behavioral economics; public economics +45 353-32644 E-mail
Sørensen, Bjørn Bo PhD Fellow Economic Complexity, Development Economics, Structural Transformation, Foreign Direct Investment, Export +45 353-36334 E-mail
Thöni, Patrick PhD fellow Finance, Financial Microstructure, Asset Allocation, Asset Pricing, Microeconometrics   E-mail
Weissert, Christoffer Jessen PhD student Macroeconomics, fiscal and monetary policy, IRF estimation by SVAR and local linear projections, structural identification +45 353-21598 E-mail
Zaccagni, Sarah Postdoc Health Economics; Economics of Education; Applied Microeconomics; Behavioral Interventions; Healthy Aging +45 353-37860 E-mail
Zhao, Zeyu PhD student Corporate Finance and Applied Econometrics   E-mail
Zille, Helge PhD fellow International trade, development economics, violent conflicts, international politics +45 353-27802 E-mail