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PhD Students

NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Agneman, GustavPhD fellow The Arctics; Social Mobility; Inequality; Human Capital; Political Economics +45 353-35955E-mail
Ayenew, Ashenafi BelaynehPhD student PhD student +45 353-31348E-mail
Bentsen, Kristian HedeagerPhD student PhD student +45 353-36436E-mail
Berg, Rasmus KehletPhD student Environmental; natural resource and climate economics; Computable General Equilibrium modelling; political economics +45 35 36 46 47E-mail
Betancourt Hurtado, Maria AlejandraPhD fellow PhD fellow  E-mail
Brandt, KasperPhD fellow Development economics; education in developing countries; armed conflicts +45 353-25321E-mail
Busch, Martin BenediktPhD fellow PhD fellow +45 353-26816E-mail
Buus, Magnus TolumPhD fellow International Trade; empirical industrial organization; applied microeconometrics; information frictions; firm dynamics +45 353-30638E-mail
Cairo, SofiePhD fellow Labor Economics; behavioral economics; applied microeconometrics; macroeconomics; fiscal policy +45 353-33967E-mail
Carstensen, Christian LangholzPhD student PhD student +45 353-31172E-mail
Cavalca, Petra GramPhD fellow Foster care; labour economics; economics of education; family economics; applied microeconometrics +45 353-34539E-mail
Chevrot, EstherPhD fellow Applied micro-econometrics; organizational economics; corporate governance; beliefs, behaviors, values +45 42 34 26 34E-mail
Clifford, SarahPhD fellow Applied micro-economics; public finance; international taxation; tax policy; tax avoidance +45 353-37778E-mail
Døssing, Felix SebastianPhD fellow PhD student +45 353-34283E-mail
Garcia Miralles, EstebanPhD fellow PhD fellow +45 353-34299E-mail
Glavind, Kristoffer PadePhD fellow PhD fellow +45 353-36934E-mail
Glenny, Anita MariePhD student PhD student  E-mail
Hansen, Anne LundgaardPhD fellow Ph.d student  E-mail
Hansen, Anne ToftPhD student PhD studerende +45 353-33344E-mail
Hansen, Emil ToftPhD fellow PhD fellow  E-mail
Hansen, Maria JuulPhD fellow Urban economics; urbanization; location choice; commuting; intra-household bargaining +45 353-28387E-mail
Hasager, LineaPhD fellow Immigration; labor economics; integration of refugees; applied microeconometrics; register data +45 353-34597E-mail
Hauschultz, Frederik PlumPhD fellow PhD student +45 353-37461E-mail
Helsø, Anne-Line KochPhD student Ph.d student +45 353-30611E-mail
Hetland, Simon LundPhD fellow PhD fellow  E-mail
Hvidberg, Kristoffer BallePhD student Applied microeconometrics; education; economic and financial behavior; inequality +45 353-30922E-mail
Ingholt, Marcus MølbakPhD fellow Macroeconomics; macro-finance; the housing market; DSGE models; applied macroeconometrics +45 353-37098E-mail
Iversen, Anna KollerupPhD fellow PhD fellow +45 353-35367E-mail
Jakobsen, Katrine Marie TofthøjPhD student PhD student +45 353-35713E-mail
Jensen, Emil BjerrePhD student Preference heterogeneity; life-cycle models; structural estimation; fiscal policies; financial transaction data +45 353-28053E-mail
Jensen, Ulf AslakPhD fellow PhD student +45 353-32194E-mail
Jørgensen, Mia Renee HerløvPhD fellow PhD student +45 353-33410E-mail
Kless, Philipp ChristianPhD fellow Ph.d student +45 353-37283E-mail
Knudsen, Anne Sofie BeckPhD fellow  +45 353-23022E-mail
Kristiansen, Ida LykkePhD fellow PhD fellow +45 353-37596E-mail
Larsen, Rasmus BisgaardPhD fellow PhD student +45 353-25360E-mail
Larsen, Vibe BuskPhD fellow Environmental economics; resource economics; climate economics; green national accounts; green GDP +45 353-21296E-mail
Lyngse, Frederik PlesnerPhD student Empirical health economics; patient adherence; Danish ministry of health; register data; applied microeconomics +45 353-37412E-mail
Minor, Kelton RayPhD fellow PhD fellow  E-mail
Mogensen, Patrick KofodPhD fellow PhD student  E-mail
Rasmussen, MettePhD student Labor economics; behavioral economics; public economics +45 353-32644E-mail
Serena, Benjamin LyPhD fellow Ph.d student +45 26 99 90 20E-mail
Sheridan, Adam Francis McSorleyPhD student Household finance; banking; consumer behavior; credit markets +45 353-31422E-mail
Sæverud, JohanPhD student PhD fellow +45 353-35187E-mail
Thöni, PatrickPhD fellow PhD fellow  E-mail
Tørsløv, Thomas RasmusenPhD student Phd student +45 24 45 52 02E-mail
Weissert, Christoffer JessenPhD student   E-mail
Wier, Ludvig S C PetersenPhD fellow International taxation, multinational companies, international finance, developing countries, tax enforcement +45 353-31141E-mail
Willadsen, HelenePhD fellow  +45 353-35023E-mail
Zille, HelgePhD student  +45 353-27802E-mail
Zink, EdithPhD student PhD fellow +45 353-30516E-mail
Züllig, GabrielPhD student PhD student +45 353-30636E-mail