PhD Students

Name Title Job responsibilities Image
Andersen, Esben Scriver PhD fellow Structural estimation, discrete choices and generalized entropy models (GEM) Billede af Andersen, Esben Scriver
Andersen, Lars Harhoff PhD student Economic history, political economics, economics of religion, economics of culture, institutions Billede af Andersen, Lars Harhoff
Augsburg, Aksel Vester PhD fellow PhD fellow Billede af Augsburg, Aksel Vester
Berkel, Hanna Mareen PhD fellow Development Economics, Mozambique, Firms, Climate Change, Natural Disasters Billede af Berkel, Hanna Mareen
Betancourt Hurtado, Maria Alejandra PhD fellow Applied microeconomics, firm organization, corporate governance, organizational economics Billede af Betancourt Hurtado, Maria Alejandra
Busch, Martin Benedikt Research assistant Behavioral economics, experimental economics, network theory, network experiments Billede af Busch, Martin Benedikt
Cavalca, Petra Gram PhD fellow Foster care; labour economics; economics of education; family economics; applied microeconometrics Billede af Cavalca, Petra Gram
Chevrot, Esther PhD fellow Applied Microeconometrics, Organizational Economics, Labour Economics, Economics of Culture, Behaviour Billede af Chevrot, Esther
Chrisander, Emil PhD fellow Social data science; applied machine learning; educational economics;data mining; data mining Billede af Chrisander, Emil
Christensen, Lykke Sterll PhD student Education Economics; Inequality; Mechanism Design; Applied Microeconometrics; Structural Modeling Billede af Christensen, Lykke Sterll
Christiansen, Tobias Gabel PhD fellow Machine Learning for Causal Inference, Heterogenous Treatment Effects, Econometrics, Tax Administration Billede af Christiansen, Tobias Gabel
Eskildsen, Janek Bligaard PhD fellow Resource, environmental, and climate economics, energy economics, transport economics, computational general equilibrium models Billede af Eskildsen, Janek Bligaard
Garcia Miralles, Esteban Research assistant Applied Microeconomics, Labor Economics, Public Economics, Social Security, Household Finance, Health Economics. Billede af Garcia Miralles, Esteban
Glavind, Kristoffer Lind PhD fellow Social data science, machine learning, big data, econometrics Billede af Glavind, Kristoffer Lind
Hansen, Emil Toft PhD fellow Household finance, payday lending, household debt behavior, geographical consumption patterns, financial wealth & consumption Billede af Hansen, Emil Toft
Hauschultz, Frederik Plum Billede af Hauschultz, Frederik Plum
Hetland, Simon Thinggaard PhD fellow Financial econometrics, time series analysis and econometric theory, term structure modeling, volatility modeling, cointegration analysis Billede af Hetland, Simon Thinggaard
Hoeck, Christian Philip PhD fellow Labor Economics; Macroeconomics; Wage Dynamics; Microeconometrics Billede af Hoeck, Christian Philip
Holm, Mathilde Lund PhD fellow Family Economics, Applied Microeconometrics, Policy Evaluation Billede af Holm, Mathilde Lund
Hvidberg, Kristoffer Balle PhD fellow Applied microeconometrics; education; economic and financial behavior; inequality Billede af Hvidberg, Kristoffer Balle
Iversen, Anna Kollerup PhD fellow Health economics, applied microeconometrics, policy evaluation Billede af Iversen, Anna Kollerup
Jørgensen, Mia Renee Herløv Research assistant Inequality, applied microeconometrics, public economics, marcro economics Billede af Jørgensen, Mia Renee Herløv
Kastrup, Christian Sandholm PhD fellow International Economics, HANK-models, Applied Microeconometrics, Heterogeneous Firms and Trade Billede af Kastrup, Christian Sandholm
Kristiansen, Ida Lykke PhD fellow Health economics, family economics, child development inequality, applied microeconometrics Billede af Kristiansen, Ida Lykke
Laczek, Malene Callesøe Fuglsang PhD student Applied Microeconometrics, Structural Estimation, Inequality, Economic of Education, labor Economics Billede af Laczek, Malene Callesøe Fuglsang
Larsen, Kristian Urup Olesen PhD student Applied Microeconometrics; Labor Economics; Health, Inequality, Machine Learning Billede af Larsen, Kristian Urup Olesen
Larsen, Lauge Truels PhD fellow PhD fellow Billede af Larsen, Lauge Truels
Madsen, Jeppe Elholm PhD fellow Microeconometrics, Reform Evaluation, Social Mobility, Early Childhood Interventions, Labour Economics Billede af Madsen, Jeppe Elholm
Minor, Kelton Ray PhD fellow Climate Change, Impacts, Adaptation, Technology, Behavior Billede af Minor, Kelton Ray
Nielsen, August Emil Twile Student Environmental, Natural Resource and Climate Economics, International Trade, Microeconometrics, Pollution Regulation, Environmental Policy, Political Economics Billede af Nielsen, August Emil Twile
Nielsen, Nikolaj PhD fellow Microeconometrics, dynamic programming, economics of education, discrete choice econometrics, demand estimation Billede af Nielsen, Nikolaj
Olufsen, Isabel Skak PhD student Økonomiske præferencer, experimental economics, survey data, ulighed Billede af Olufsen, Isabel Skak
Partsch, Emil Holst PhD fellow Hetereogeneous agent macroeconomic models; financial frictions; continuous and discrete time computational methods; Consumption-saving behavior Billede af Partsch, Emil Holst
Pietraszek, Marie Gram PhD fellow Labor Economics, Education, Applied Microeconometrics, Machine Learning Billede af Pietraszek, Marie Gram
Rasmussen, Joachim Kahr PhD fellow Labour economis; Inequality. applied microeconometrics Billede af Rasmussen, Joachim Kahr
Rasmussen, Mette Research assistant Labor economics; behavioral economics; public economics Billede af Rasmussen, Mette
Sørensen, Bjørn Bo PhD Fellow Economic Complexity, Development Economics, Structural Transformation, Foreign Direct Investment, Export Billede af Sørensen, Bjørn Bo
Thorsen, Sigurd Nellemann PhD fellow Financial Econometrics; Time Series Analysis; Volatility Modelling; Bootstrap Methods and Inference on the Boundary Billede af Thorsen, Sigurd Nellemann
Thöni, Patrick PhD fellow Financial Microstructure, Empirical Microstructure, Financial Econometrics, Asset Allocation, High Frequency Econometrics Billede af Thöni, Patrick
Weissert, Christoffer Jessen PhD student Macroeconomics, fiscal and monetary policy, IRF estimation by SVAR and local linear projections, structural identification Billede af Weissert, Christoffer Jessen
Zaccagni, Sarah Postdoc Health Economics; Economics of Education; Applied Microeconomics; Behavioral Interventions; Healthy Aging Billede af Zaccagni, Sarah
Zhao, Zeyu PhD student Corporate Finance and Applied Econometrics Billede af Zhao, Zeyu
Zille, Helge PhD fellow International trade, development economics, violent conflicts, international politics Billede af Zille, Helge