Permanent Faculty

Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Addison, Anthony John Professor Development economics; Extractive industries; Oil and Gas; Mining; Africas economies +45 353-21248 E-mail
Altmann, Steffen Associate professor Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Organizational Economics, Labor Economics, Public Policy, Nudges, Default Options   E-mail
Andersen, Asger Lau Associate professor Household Economics and Finance; Political Economics; Applied Microeconometrics +45 353-33133 E-mail
Arnarson, Björn Thor Postdoc International Trade; Labour Economics; Öresund Region; Globalization; Trade Policy +45 353-33620 E-mail
Bennedsen, Morten Professor Ownermanaged Firms, Family Business and Corporate Governance;Applied Microeconomics +45 353-34278 E-mail
Bentzen, Jeanet Sinding Associate professor Empirical Research on: Economic Development over the Long Run; Causes and Consequences of Religion; Institutions and Prosperity; Long Term Causes of Geography +45 353-24400 E-mail
Bergman, Michael Associate professor European, Danish and Swedish Economic Policy; Fiscal Frameworks; Foreign Exchange Rates; Business Cycles; Monetary Unions +45 353-23003 E-mail
Bertheau, Antoine Postdoc +45 353-27471 E-mail
Bjerre-Nielsen, Andreas Assistant professor Social Networks; Economics of Education; Human Mobility; Data Science & Game Theory +45 353-24417 E-mail
Bordeerath, Bordin Postdoc Billionaires, Inequality, Family firms, Corporate governance, Corporate finance +45 353-31604 E-mail
Boserup, Simon Halphen Assistant professor Public Finance; Inequality; Taxation; Tax Evasion; Intergenerational Mobility +45 353-23258 E-mail
Brandt, Kasper Lasson Postdoc Development economics; education in developing countries; armed conflicts +45 353-25321 E-mail
Browning, Martin Professor Applied Microeconometrics; Economics of the Family; Saving and Consumption. +45 353-33089 E-mail
Buus, Magnus Tolum Postdoc International Trade; Empirical Industrial Organization; Applied Microeconometrics; Information Frictions; Firm Dynamics; Production Networks +45 353-30638 E-mail
Campos-Mercade, Pol Postdoc Behavioral Economics; Experimental Economics; Education; Social Preferences; Discrimination +45 353-35954 E-mail
Carstensen, Christian Langholz Research assistant Urban Economics; Structural Estimation; Effects of Welfare Expenditure; Dynamic Models; Agent-based Models   E-mail
Dalgaard, Carl-Johan Lars Professor Economic Growth; Development; Macroeconomics +45 353-24407 E-mail
Daysal, N. Meltem Associate professor Child Development; Medical Interventions; Intra-household Spillovers; Health Economics; Labor Economics +45 353-28347 E-mail
Druedahl, Jeppe Associate professor Macroeconomic Questions; Models with Uncertainty and Heterogeneity; Micro-level Data; Computational Methods +45 353-24425 E-mail
Døssing, Felix Sebastian Research assistant Behavioral Economics, Experiments, Paternalism, Charity, Political Preferences.   E-mail
Ejrnæs, Mette Professor Applied Micro Econometrics; Income/earnings Processes; Consumption; Foster Care and Unemployment Insurance +45 353-23062 E-mail
Falco, Paolo Assistant professor, tenure track Labour Economics; Randomised Controlled Trials; Development; Experimental and Behavioural Economics +45 353-34817 E-mail
Ferreira, Ines Afonso Roque Postdoc Development Aid, Fagile States, Development Economics, +45 353-37602 E-mail
Fisker, Peter Kielberg Postdoc Development; Disasters; GIS; Remote Sensing; Mozambique +45 353-20427 E-mail
Fosgerau, Mogens Professor Economics of Transportation; Congestion; Information and Entropy; Discrete Choice Econometrics +45 353-34272 E-mail
Gensowski, Miriam Associate professor Economics of Education; Drivers of Inequality; Cognitive and Socio-emotional Skills; Intergenerational Mobility; Occupational Choice; Labor Economics +45 353-23036 E-mail
Gravert, Christina Assistant professor, tenure track Behavioral Economics; Experimental Economics; Public Policy; Nudging; Incentives and Behavior Change +45 353-34782 E-mail
Gørtz, Mette Associate professor Health Economics; Family Economics; Labour Economics; Ageing; Applied Microeconometrics +45 353-23014 E-mail
Hansen, Casper Worm Associate professor Mortality; Life Expectancy; Demographic Changes; Long-run Economic Growth; Macroeconomics of Development +45 353-36978 E-mail
Hansen, Christian Estmann Research assistant Development Economics; Econometrics; Inclusive Growth; Economic Complexity; Structural Transformation   E-mail
Hansen, Henrik Professor Applied Econometrics; Development Economics; Development Aid; Impact Evaluation; Vietnam +45 353-24405 E-mail
Hansen, Maria Juul Postdoc Structural microeconometrics, dynamic programmering, urban economics, location choice, labour economics +45 353-28387 E-mail
Hauschultz, Frederik Plum Postdoc Structural Microeconometrics; Auctions; Industrial Organization; Health Economics   E-mail
Huang, Shan Research assistant Health Economics; Applied Microeconometrics; Discrete Choice; Behavioral Economics; Empirical Industrial Organization   E-mail
Humlum, Anders Priergaard Postdoc +45 353-28197 E-mail
Jang, Jihye Research academic officer Research Assistant +45 353-31142 E-mail
Jensen, Amalie Sofie Assistant professor, tenure track Economic policy; public economics; taxes and transfers; housing economics; political preferences +45 353-31360 E-mail
Jensen, Henrik Professor Macroeconomics; Monetary Policy; Monetary Union +45 353-23043 E-mail
Jensen, Thomas Associate professor Applied Game Theory; Didactics of Mathematics; Political Economy +45 353-26052 E-mail
Johannesen, Niels Professor with special responsibilities Tax Policy; Tax Havens; Tax Evasion; International Taxation; Financial Crisis +45 353-24415 E-mail
Jones, Edward Samuel Associate professor Development Economics; Education; Labour Markets; Applied Macroeconomics; Sub-Saharan Africa +45 353-23038 E-mail
Jørgensen, Thomas Høgholm Associate professor Associate Professor +45 353-23994 E-mail
Keller, Michael Postdoc Natural Resources; Resource Curse, Political Economics; Taxation; Development Economics   E-mail
Klemp, Marc Patrick Brag Assistant professor Economic Growth and Population Studies +45 353-36950 E-mail
Kreiner, Claus Thustrup Professor Public Finance, Public Policy, Inequality, Labor Supply, Consumption Behavior +45 353-23020 E-mail
Kreuder, Janis Research assistant Refugee Integration; Policy Evaluation; Migration; Labour Economics; Applied Microeconometrics   E-mail
Kruse-Andersen, Peter Kjær Assistant professor Environmental economics, economic Growth, macroeconomics, directed technical change, EU emissions trading system (EU ETS) +45 353-34792 E-mail
Lagerlöf, Johan Associate professor Applied Theory; Industrial Organization; Political Economy; Microeconomics +45 353-23013 E-mail
Lassen, David Dreyer Professor Political Economics; Social Data Science; Fiscal Governance; Attitude Formation; Inequality +45 353-24412 E-mail
Lee, Young Jun Postdoc Econometrics; 2. Semiparametric and Nonparametric Methods; Optimal Transport; Applied Microeconometrics; Financial Econometrics +45 353-30555 E-mail
Leth-Petersen, Søren Professor Applied Economics; Individual Level Financial Behaviour; Consumption; Savings; Labor Supply +45 353-23084 E-mail
Lieber, Jonas Research assistant Econometrics; Industrial Organization +45 4915737841273 E-mail
Lyngse, Frederik Plesner Postdoc Empirical health economics; patient adherence; Danish ministry of health; register data; applied microeconomics +45 353-37412 E-mail
Mahlstedt, Robert Assistant professor, tenure track Labor Economics; Behavioral Economics; Public Policy Evaluation; Applied Microeconometrics; Job Search and Unemployment +45 353-37922 E-mail
Markussen, Thomas Head of studies Political Economy; Development Economics; Experiments; Collective Action; Social Capital +45 353-23086 E-mail
Matveenko, Andrei Postdoc information Economics, Rational Inattention, Discrete Choice, Generalized Entropy Models, Bounded Rationality +45 353-21162 E-mail
McGill, Stewart Mark Research assistant Development Economics; Surveys; Manufacturing; Social Security; Labour +45 353-30256 E-mail
Mekasha, Tseday Jemaneh Postdoc Development Economics, aid Effectiveness, Social Protection, Migration, Resilience to Climate Change, Sub-Saharan Africa   E-mail
Meyer, Bjørn Bjørnsson PhD fellow Labor Economics; economics of education; tertiary education; applied microeconometrics; policy evaluation   E-mail
Milhøj, Anders Associate professor, research and development Theoretical Statistics; Applied Statistics; Sampling Theory; Time Series Analysis; SAS Software +45 353-23265 E-mail
Moran, Patrick Assistant professor, tenure track Macroeconomics; household finance; housing, household debt, and consumption behavior +45 353-37612 E-mail
Munch, Jakob Roland Professor Globalization; International Trade; Labor Economics; Migration; Emerging Markets +45 353-23019 E-mail
Munk-Nielsen, Anders Assistant professor, tenure track Empirical Industrial Organization; Structural Microeconometrics; Health Economics; Discrete Choice; Transportation Economics +45 353-24426 E-mail
Nielsen, Heino Bohn Professor with special responsibilities Econometric Time Series Analysis; Macro-Econometrics; Co-Integration; Financial Econometrics; Volatility Modeling; Bootstrap Methods +45 353-23253 E-mail
Nielsen, Torben Heien Associate professor Health Behaviors; Health and Mortality Inequalities; Retirement and Savings; Health Measurement; Health Care Suppliers +45 353-23025 E-mail
Olsen, Morten Graugaard Assistant professor Technological Change, Income Inequality, Economic Growth, Automation   E-mail
Pedersen, Rasmus Søndergaard Associate professor Financial Econometrics; Time Series Econometrics; Econometric Theory; Heavy-Tailed Time Series; Models for Time-Varying Volatility +45 353-23074 E-mail
Piovesan, Marco Professor with special responsibilities Behavioral economics; experimental economics; experiments with children; dishonesty and group decision making +45 353-36872 E-mail
Rahbek, Anders Professor Financial Econometrics; Econometric Time Series Analysis; Bootstrap; GARCH and Volatility Modeling; Co-integration Analysis +45 353-24031 E-mail
Rand, John Professor with special responsibilities Development Economics; Applied Econometrics; Impact Evaluation; Firm-Level Analysis and Industrial Policy; Cross-Disciplinary Methods +45 353-36865 E-mail
Rasmussen, Gregers Nytoft Postdoc Individual-Level Financial Behavior; Experimental Economics; Behavioral Economics; Eliciting Economic Preferences +45 353-23870 E-mail
Ravenna, Federico Visiting Researcher +45 353-32246 E-mail
Ravn, Søren Hove Associate professor Macroeconomics; Monetary and Fiscal Policy; Interactions between Financial Markets and the Macroeconomy; Macroeconometrics; Macroeconomic Modeling +45 353-34989 E-mail
Ribers, Michael Allan Postdoc Health Economics; Dynamic Discrete Choice; Structural Microeconometrics +45 353-35350 E-mail
Salmi, Julia Assistant professor, tenure track Microeconomic Theory; Information Economics; Dynamic Games; Reputations +45 353-23390 E-mail
Salvucci, Vincenzo Postdoc Development Economics; Monetary and Multidimentional Poverty Analysis; Inequality; Child Malnutrition; Protection; Econometric Analysis of Microdata +45 353-35615 E-mail
Santoro, Emiliano Professor with special responsibilities Monetary Policy; Financial Frictions; Macroeconomic Asymmetries; Multi-Sector Economies; Expectations +45 353-23032 E-mail
Schjerning, Bertel Professor with special responsibilities Dynamic Discrete Choice Models; Dynamic Equilibrium Models; Dynamic Games with Multiple Equilibria; Computational Methods; Structural Estimation +45 353-23065 E-mail
Schnupp, Anna Claudia Constantina Research assistant +45 353-27944 E-mail
Schultz, Christian Head of department, professor Competition Economics; Industrial Organization; Political Economy; Information +45 353-23039 E-mail
Sebald, Alexander Christopher Associate professor Behavioral Economics; Psychological Game Theory; Experimental Economics; Contract Theory +45 353-24418 E-mail
Selaya, Pablo Associate professor Comparative Economic and Political Development; Long Term Growth; Political Economy; Institutional and Cultural Change +45 353-23040 E-mail
Serena, Benjamin Ly Postdoc Health Economics, Public Economics, Mental Health, Inequality in Life Expectancy, Applied Microeconometrics +45 353-34757 E-mail
Settele, Sonja Postdoc Health Economics, Inequality, Beliefs, Applied microeconometrics, experimental economics +45 353-32172 E-mail
Sheridan, Adam Postdoc Banking; Household Finance; Social networks; Applied microeconomics +45 353-31422 E-mail
Shupe, Cortnie Anne Postdoc Labor Economics; Public Economcs; Health Economics; Policy Evaluation; Applied Microeconometrics +45 353-26539 E-mail
Skandalis, Daphné Labor economics, Social policy, Unemployment, Inequality, Job search behavior   E-mail
Starkov, Egor Assistant professor, tenure track Applied Theory, Information Economics, Industrial Organization, Behavioral Economics +45 353-27002 E-mail
Sunder-Plassmann, Laura Assistant professor International Macroeconomics; International Finance; Macroeconomics; Sovereign Debt; Sovereign Default +45 353-36944 E-mail
Søgaard, Jakob Egholt Assistant professor, tenure track Public Finance, Labor Economics, Applied Microeconometrics, Inequality +45 353-26541 E-mail
Sørensen, Bjørn Bo PhD Fellow Economic Complexity, Development Economics, Structural Transformation, Foreign Direct Investment, Export +45 353-36334 E-mail
Sørensen, Jesper Riis-Vestergaard Assistant professor, tenure track Cross-Sectional as well as Panel Data Econometrics, Semiparametric and High-Dimensional Estimation,Nonparametric Identification, Specification Tests for Semiparametric Models, Generalized Entropy Models, Discrete Choice Models +45 353-34259 E-mail
Sørensen, Peter Birch Professor Environmental Economics; Economics of Climate Change; Economics of Natural Resources, Public Economics, Macroeconomics +45 353-23015 E-mail
Sørensen, Peter Norman Professor Asymmetric Information in Finance and Economics; Herding Behavior; Prediction Markets; Microstructure of Financial Markets +45 353-23056 E-mail
Tarp, Finn Professor Development Economics; Poverty; Income Distribution and Growth; Micro- and Macroeconomic Policy and Modeling +45 353-23041 E-mail
Trifkovic, Neda Assistant professor, tenure track Development Economics, Agricultural Economics, Food Policy, Food Standards, Global Value Chains, Contract Farming, Labor +45 353-33642 E-mail
Tyran, Jean-Robert Karl Professor Behavioral Economics; Experimental Economics +45 353-23027 E-mail
Ullrich, Hannes Associate professor Empirical Industrial Organization, Health Economics, Personnel Economics, Discrete Choice +45 353-37659 E-mail
Voigt, Stefan Assistant professor, tenure track Market microstructure; financial econometrics; asset pricing; blockchain technology; big data in financial applications +45 353-25847 E-mail
Whitta-Jacobsen, Hans Jørgen Professor Macroeconomics; Public Economics; Environmental Regulation; Growth and Income Distribution +45 353-23030 E-mail
Wingender, Asger Mose Assistant professor Economic Growth; Human Capital and Education; Political Institutions; Structural Transformation; Economic History +45 353-21605 E-mail
Wohlfart, Johannes Assistant professor, tenure track Household Finance, Behavioral Economics, Beliefs and Expectations, Applied Microeconometrics, Experimental Economics +45 353-32061 E-mail
Wüst, Miriam Associate professor Empirical Research on Children and Families; Health Economics; Applied Micro Econometrics; Family Economics +45 353-21365 E-mail
Yang, Artemis Research assistant +45 353-21155 E-mail
Zaccagni, Sarah Postdoc Health Economics; Economics of Education; Applied Microeconomics; Behavioral Interventions; Healthy Aging +45 353-37860 E-mail
le Maire, Daniel Associate professor Labor Economics; Search Theory; Applied Microeconometrics +45 353-23063 E-mail