Permanent Faculty

NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Alessandretti, Laura MariaPostdoc  +45 353-23791E-mail
Altmann, SteffenAssociate professor Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Organizational Economics, Labor Economics, Public Policy, Nudges, Default Options  E-mail
Andersen, Asger LauAssociate professor Household economics and finance; political economics; applied microeconometrics +45 353-33133E-mail
Arnarson, Björn ThorPostdoc International trade; Labour Economics; Öresund Region; Globalization; Trade policy +45 353-33620E-mail
Bennedsen, MortenProfessor Ownermanaged Firms, Family Business and Corporate Governance;applied microeconomics +45 353-34278E-mail
Bentzen, Jeanet SindingAssociate professor Empirical research on: Economic development over the long run; Causes and consequences of religion; Institutions and prosperity; Long term causes of geography +45 353-24400E-mail
Bergman, MichaelAssociate professor European, Danish and Swedish economic policy; fiscal frameworks; foreign exchange rates; business cycles; monetary unions +45 353-23003E-mail
Bjerre-Nielsen, AndreasAssistant professor Social networks, economics of education, human mobility, data science & game theory +45 353-24417E-mail
Boserup, Simon HalphenAssistant professor Public finance; inequality; taxation; tax evasion; intergenerational mobility +45 353-23258E-mail
Browning, MartinProfessor Applied microeconometrics; economics of the family; saving and consumption. +45 353-33089E-mail
Buus, Magnus TolumResearch assistant International Trade; Empirical Industrial Organization; Applied Microeconometrics; Information Frictions; Firm Dynamics; Production Networks +45 353-30638E-mail
Carstensen, Christian LangholzResearch assistant   E-mail
Dalgaard, Carl-Johan LarsProfessor Economic growth ; development; macroeconomics +45 353-24407E-mail
Druedahl, JeppeAssistant professor, tenure track Macroeconomic questions; models with uncertainty and heterogeneity; micro-level data; computational methods +45 353-24425E-mail
Døssing, Felix SebastianResearch assistant Behavioral economics, experiments, paternalism, charity, political preferences.  E-mail
Ejrnæs, MetteProfessor Applied micro econometrics; Income/earnings processes; consumption; foster care and unemployment insurance +45 353-23062E-mail
Falco, PaoloAssistant professor, tenure track Labour Economics; Randomised Controlled Trials; Development; Experimental and Behavioural Economics +45 353-34817E-mail
Ferreira, Ines Afonso RoquePostdoc Development Aid, Fagile States, Development Economics, +45 353-37602E-mail
Fisker, Peter KielbergPostdoc Development; disasters; GIS; remote sensing; Mozambique +45 353-20427E-mail
Fosgerau, MogensProfessor Economics of transportation; congestion; information and entropy; discrete choice econometrics +45 353-34272E-mail
Gensowski, MiriamAssociate professor Economics of education; drivers of inequality; cognitive and socio-emotional skills; intergenerational mobility; occupational choice; labor economics +45 353-23036E-mail
Gonzalez Eiras, MartinAssociate professor Macroeconomics; public finance; political economy; finance +45 353-24404E-mail
Gravert, ChristinaAssistant professor, tenure track Behavioral economics; experimental economics; public policy; nudging; incentives and behavior change +45 353-34782E-mail
Gørtz, MetteAssociate professor Health economics; family economics; labour economics; ageing; applied microeconometrics +45 353-23014E-mail
Hansen, Casper WormAssociate professor Mortality; life expectancy; demographic changes; long-run economic growth; macroeconomics of development +45 353-36978E-mail
Hansen, HenrikProfessor Applied econometrics; development economics; development aid; impact evaluation; Vietnam +45 353-24405E-mail
Hansen, Maria JuulResearch assistant Structural microeconometrics, dynamis programmering, urban economics, location choice, labour economics +45 353-28387E-mail
Harmon, Nikolaj ArpeAssociate professor, research and development Labor Markets; Jobs; Politicians; Public sector employees; Program evaluation +45 353-23033E-mail
Hauschultz, Frederik PlumPostdoc Research Assistant  E-mail
Huang, ShanResearch assistant  +49 176 432 90 106E-mail
Jang, JihyeResearch assistant Research Assistant +45 353-31142E-mail
Jensen, HenrikProfessor Macroeconomics; monetary policy; monetary union +45 353-23043E-mail
Jensen, ThomasAssociate professor Applied game theory, didactics of mathematics, political economy +45 353-26052E-mail
Johannesen, NielsProfessor with special responsibilities Tax policy; tax havens; tax evasion; international taxation; financial crisis +45 353-24415E-mail
Jones, Edward SamuelAssociate professor Development economics; education; labour markets; applied macroeconomics; Sub-Saharan Africa +45 353-23038E-mail
Jørgensen, Thomas HøgholmAssistant professor Life cycle models; structual estimation; household behavior; fertility; consumption-saving +45 353-23994E-mail
Klemp, Marc Patrick BragAssistant professor Economic growth and population studies +45 353-36950E-mail
Kreiner, Claus ThustrupProfessor Public Finance, Public Policy, Inequality, Labor Supply, Consumption Behavior +45 353-23020E-mail
Kreuder, JanisResearch assistant   E-mail
Kruse-Andersen, Peter KjærAssistant professor Environmental economics, economic Growth, macroeconomics, directed technical change, EU emissions trading system (EU ETS) +45 353-34792E-mail
Lagerlöf, JohanAssociate professor Applied theory; industrial organization; political economy; microeconomics +45 353-23013E-mail
Lassen, David DreyerProfessor Political economics; social data science; fiscal governance; attitude formation; inequality +45 353-24412E-mail
le Maire, DanielAssociate professor Labor economics; search theory; applied microeconometrics +45 353-23063E-mail
Lee, Young JunPostdoc  +45 353-30555E-mail
Leth-Petersen, SørenProfessor Applied economics; individual level financial behaviour; consumption; savings; labor supply +45 353-23084E-mail
Markussen, ThomasHead of studies Political economy; development economics; experiments; collective action; social capital +45 353-23086E-mail
Matveenko, AndreiPostdoc information economics, rational inattention, discrete choice, generalized entropy models, bounded rationality +45 353-21162E-mail
Mekasha, Tseday JemanehPostdoc Development Economics, aid Effectiveness, Social Protection, Migration, Resilience to Climate Change, Sub-Saharan Africa  E-mail
Milhøj, AndersAssociate professor, research and development Theoretical Statistics; applied Statistics; sampling Theory; time Series Analysis; SAS Software +45 353-23265E-mail
Munch, Jakob RolandProfessor Globalization; international trade; labor economics; migration; emerging markets +45 353-23019E-mail
Munk-Nielsen, AndersAssistant professor, tenure track Empirical industrial organization; structural microeconometrics; health economics; discrete choice; transportation economics +45 353-24426E-mail
Nielsen, Heino BohnProfessor with special responsibilities Econometric time series analysis; macro-econometrics; co-integration; financial econometrics; volatility modeling; bootstrap methods +45 353-23253E-mail
Nielsen, Torben HeienAssociate professor Health behaviors; health and mortality inequalities; retirement and savings; health measurement; health care suppliers +45 353-23025E-mail
Olsen, Morten GraugaardAssistant professor Technological change, income inequality, economic growth, automation +45 353-30573E-mail
Pedersen, Rasmus SøndergaardAssociate professor Financial econometrics; time series econometrics; econometric theory; heavy-tailed time series; models for time-varying volatility +45 353-23074E-mail
Piatek, RémiAssociate professor Bayesian econometrics; factor analysis; mixture models; computational econometrics; human capital formation +45 353-23035E-mail
Piovesan, MarcoProfessor with special responsibilities Behavioral economics; experimental economics; experiments with children; dishonesty and group decision making +45 353-36872E-mail
Rahbek, AndersProfessor Financial Econometrics; Econometric Time Series Analysis; Bootstrap; GARCH and Volatility Modeling; Co-integration Analysis +45 353-24031E-mail
Rand, JohnProfessor with special responsibilities Development economics; applied econometrics; impact evaluation; firm-level analysis and industrial policy; cross-disciplinary methods +45 353-36865E-mail
Rasmussen, Gregers NytoftPostdoc Individual-level financial behavior; experimental economics; behavioral economics; eliciting economic preferences +45 353-23870E-mail
Ravenna, FedericoVisiting Researcher  +45 353-32246E-mail
Ravn, Søren HoveAssociate professor Macroeconomics; monetary and fiscal policy; interactions between financial markets and the macroeconomy; macroeconometrics; macroeconomic modeling +45 353-34989E-mail
Ribers, Michael AllanPostdoc Health economics; dynamic discrete choice; structural microeconometrics +45 353-35350E-mail
Rosenbaum, PhilipPostdoc Applied microeconomics, household economics, gender inequality, corporate governance +45 353-27302E-mail
Salvucci, VincenzoPostdoc Development economics; monetary and multidimentional poverty analysis; inequality; child malnutrition; social protection; econometric analysis of microdata +45 353-35615E-mail
Santoro, EmilianoProfessor with special responsibilities Monetary policy; financial frictions; macroeconomic asymmetries; multi-sector economies; expectations +45 353-23032E-mail
Schilling, Sören FelixResearch assistant  +45 353-31904E-mail
Schjerning, BertelProfessor with special responsibilities Dynamic discrete choice models; dynamic equilibrium models; dynamic games with multiple equilibria; computational methods; structural estimation +45 353-23065E-mail
Schultz, ChristianHead of Department Competition economics; industrial organization; political economy; information +45 353-23039E-mail
Sebald, Alexander ChristopherAssociate professor Behavioral economics; psychological game theory; experimental economics; contract theory +45 353-24418E-mail
Selaya, PabloAssociate professor Comparative economic and political development; long term growth; political economy; institutional and cultural change +45 353-23040E-mail
Serena, Benjamin LyPostdoc Health Economics, Public Economics, Mental Health, Inequality in Life Expectancy, Applied Microeconometrics +45 353-34757E-mail
Settele, SonjaPostdoc Health economics, inequality, beliefs, applied microeconometrics, experimental economics +45 353-32172E-mail
Sheridan, AdamPostdoc Banking; Household finance; Social networks; Applied microeconomics +45 353-31422E-mail
Shupe, Cortnie AnnePostdoc  +45 353-26539E-mail
Starkov, EgorAssistant professor, tenure track Applied Theory, Information Economics, Industrial Organization, Behavioral Economics +45 353-27002E-mail
Sunder-Plassmann, LauraAssistant professor International Macroeconomics; international finance; macroeconomics; sovereign debt; sovereign default +45 353-36944E-mail
Søgaard, Jakob EgholtPostdoc Public Finance, Labor Economics, Applied Microeconometrics, Inequality +45 353-26541E-mail
Sørensen, Bjørn BoResearch assistant   E-mail
Sørensen, Jesper Riis-VestergaardAssistant professor, tenure track Cross-sectional as well as panel data econometrics, semiparametric and high-dimensional estimation,nonparametric identification, specification tests for semiparametric models, generalized entropy models, discrete choice models. +45 353-34259E-mail
Sørensen, Peter BirchProfessor Environmental economics; economics of climate change; economics of natural resources, public economics, macroeconomics +45 353-23015E-mail
Sørensen, Peter NormanProfessor Asymmetric information in finance and economics; herding Behavior; prediction Markets; microstructure of Financial Markets. +45 353-23056E-mail
Tarp, FinnProfessor Development economics; Poverty; Income distribution and growth; Micro- and macroeconomic policy and modeling +45 353-23041E-mail
Trifkovic, NedaAssistant professor, tenure track Development economics, agricultural economics, food policy, food standards, global value chains, contract farming, labor +45 353-33642E-mail
Tyran, Jean-Robert KarlProfessor Behavioral economics; experimental economics +45 353-23027E-mail
Ullrich, HannesAssociate professor Empirical industrial organization; health economics; personnel economics; discrete choice +45 353-37659E-mail
Vikander, NickAssociate professor Industrial Organization; informational Economics; organizational Economics; behavioral Economics +45 353-23034E-mail
Whitta-Jacobsen, Hans JørgenProfessor Macroeconomics; public economics; environmental regulation; growth and income distribution +45 353-23030E-mail
Willadsen, HeleneResearch assistant Behavioral economics, experimental economics, children og economics +45 353-35023E-mail
Wingender, Asger MoseAssistant professor Economic growth; human capital and education; political institutions; structural transformation; economic history +45 353-21605E-mail
Wohlfart, JohannesAssistant professor, tenure track Household Finance, Behavioral Economics, Beliefs and Expectations, Applied Microeconometrics, Experimental Economics +45 353-32061E-mail
Wüst, MiriamAssociate professor Empirical research on children and families; health economics; applied micro econometrics; family economics +45 353-21365E-mail
Yding, AndersResearch assistant Applied microeconomics, management practices, family firms, owner-managed firms, incentives +45 353-27295E-mail
Zaccagni, SarahResearch assistant  +45 353-37860E-mail