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Thomas Markussen

Thomas Markussen

Associate Professor

Member of:

  • Development Economics Research Group

Research Fields

Collective action, economic development, political economy, experimental economics, land rights, good governance, democracy


Research groups

Development Economics Research Group (DERG), University of Copenhagen

Center for Experimental Economics (CEE), University of Copenhagen

Copenhagen Network for Experimental Economics (CNEE)


Academic contributions 

A part of my work focuses on endogenous institutions in social dilemmas. I use laboratory experiments to study whether and when groups are willing to implement institutions that help them solve collective action problems. I have focused on institutions such as competition, peer-to-peer punishment and centralized sanctions. Another part of my work focuses on political economy and institutions in developing countries. I have for example investigated, in the context of Vietnam, whether households with political connection have more secure property rights and better access to finance than other households. Another example is a paper studying how voting alignment with the U.S. in the UN General Assembly affects allocation of World Bank concessional lending.

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