Discussion Papers 2010

10-32: Ingrid Henriksen, Markus Lampe, Paul Sharp: The Role of Technology and Institutions for Growth: Danish Creameries in the late Nineteenth Century. Abstract PDF (321KB)  

10-31: Katarina Juselius: Imperfect Knowledge, Asset Price Swings and Structural Slumps: A Cointegrated VAR Analysis of Their Interdependence. Abstract PDF (243KB) 

10-30: Søren Johansen, Katarina Juselius: An Invariance Property of the Common Trends under Linear Transformations of the Data. Abstract PDF (227KB) 

10-29: Søren Johansen, Morten Ørregaard Nielsen: A Necessary Moment Condition for the Fractional Functional Central Limit Theorem. Abstract PDF (149KB) 

10-28: Søren Johansen: An Extension of Cointegration to Fractional Autoregressive Processes. Abstract PDF (556KB)

10-27: Søren Johansen: The Analysis of Nonstationary Time Series Using Regression, Correlation and Cointegration with an Application to Annual Mean Temperature and Sea Level. Abstract PDF (267KB)   

10-26: Thomas Markussen: Inequality and Political Clientelism: Evidence from South India. Abstract PDF (448KB)   

10-25: Dennis Kristensen, Anders Rahbek: Testing and Inference in Nonlinear Cointegrating Vector Error Correction Models. Abstract PDF (334KB) 

10-24: Trine Tornøe Platz, Lars Peter Østerdal: Forming and Dissolving Partnerships in Cooperative Game Situations. Abstract PDF (273KB) 

10-23: João Miguel Ejarque: A Search Model with a Quasi-Network. Abstract PDF (334KB) 

10-22: Carsten S. Nielsen: Stepwise Thinking in Strategic Games with Incomplete Information. Abstract PDF (396KB) 

10-21: Jens Leth Hougaard, Mich Tvede: n-Person Nonconvex Bargaining: Efficient Proportional Solutions. Abstract PDF (194KB) 

10-20: Rasmus Fatum, Jesper Pedersen, Peter Norman Sørensen: Are the Intraday Effects of Central Bank Intervention on Exchange Rate Spreads Asymmetric and State Dependent? Abstract PDF (368KB) 

10-19: Carsten S. Nielsen, Alexander Sebald: Unawareness in Dynamic Psychological Games. Abstract PDF (632KB).

10-18: Alexander Sebald, Markus Walzl: Subjective Performance Evaluations, Self-esteem, and Ego-threats in Principal-agent Relations. Abstract PDF (528KB) 

10-17: Daniel X. Nguyen: Demand Uncertainty: Exporting Delays and Exporting Failures. Abstract PDF (505KB)   

10-16: Jens Leth Hougaard, Juan D. Moreno-Ternero, Lars Peter Østerdal: Baseline Rationing. Abstract PDF (215KB) 

10-15: Søren Johansen, Morten Ørregaard Nielsen: Likelihood Inference for a Fractionally Cointegrated Vector Autoregressive Model. Abstract PDF (385KB)   

10-14: Robert C. Allen, Jacob Weisdorf: Was there an ‘Industrious Revolution’ before the Industrial Revolution? An Empirical Exercise for England, c. 1300-1830. Abstract PDF (360KB) 

10-13: Ricardo Andrés Guzmán, Jacob Weisdorf: The Neolithic Revolution from a Price-Theoretic Perspective. Abstract PDF (329KB). Rev. ed. 2010.08.11 PDF (334KB)

10-12: Katarina Juselius: On the Role of Theory and Evidence in Macroeconomics. Abstract PDF (215KB) 

10-11: Thomas Markussen, Jean-Robert Tyran: Serving the Public Interest. Abstract PDF (448KB)   

10-10: Dennis Kristensen: Semi-Nonparametric Estimation and Misspecification Testing of Diffusion Models. Abstract PDF (355KB) 

10-09: Thomas Markussen: Democracy, Redistributive Taxation and the Private Provision of Public Goods. Abstract PDF (271KB) 

10-08: Charles Bellemare, Alexander Sebald, Martin Strobel: Measuring the Willingness to Pay to Avoid Guilt: Estimation using Equilibrium and Stated Belief Models. Abstract PDF (180KB) 

10-07: Giuseppe Cavaliere, Anders Rahbek, A. M. Robert Taylor: Bootstrap Sequential Determination of the Co-integration Rank in VAR Models. Abstract PDF (480KB) 

10-06: Søren Johansen, Bent Nielsen: Discussion of The Forward Search: Theory and Data Analysis by Anthony C. Atkinson, Marco Riani, and Andrea Ceroli. Abstract PDF (169KB) 

10-05: Carl-Johan Dalgaard, Holger Strulik: The Physiological Foundations of the Wealth of Nations. Abstract PDF (716KB)  

10-04: Ingrid Henriksen, Markus Lampe, Paul Sharp: The Strange Birth of Liberal Denmark: Danish trade protection and the growth of the dairy industry since the mid-nineteenth century. Abstract PDF (407KB)  

10-03: Paul Sharp: Malta and the Nineteenth Century Grain Trade: British free trade in a microcosm of Empire?. Abstract PDF (267KB)  

10-02: Louis Putterman, Jean-Robert Tyran, Kenju Kamei: Public Goods and Voting on Formal Sanction Schemes: An Experiment. Abstract PDF (399KB)  

10-01: Gianfranco Di Vaio, Daniel Waldenström, Jacob Weisdorf: Citation Success: Evidence from Economic History Journal Publications. Abstract PDF (300KB)