Discussion Papers 2015

15-19: Fedor Iskhakov, Thomas H. Jørgensen, John Rust, Bertel Schjerning: Estimating Discrete-Continuous Choice Models: The Endogenous Grid Method with Taste Shocks Abstract PDF (1202KB)

15-18: Thor Pajhede: Backtesting Value-at-Risk: A Generalized Markov Framework Abstract PDF (2561KB)

15-17: Philipp Ager, Casper Worm Hansen, Lars Lønstrup: Shaking up the Equilibrium: Natural Disasters, Immigration and Economic Geography Abstract PDF (2018KB)

15-16: Hans Oluf Hansen: Modeling and projecting mortality. A new model of heterogeneity and selection in survivorship Abstract PDF (1914KB)

15-15: Carl-Johan Dalgaard, Casper Worm Hansen: Climate Shocks and (very) Long-Run Productivity Abstract PDF (497KB)

15-14: Anne Ardila Brenøe, Ramona Molitor: Birth Order and Health of Newborns: What Can We Learn from Danish Registry Data? Abstract PDF (960KB)

15-13: Jakub Growiec, Jakub Mućk: Isoelastic Elasticity of Substitution Production Functions Abstract PDF (1388KB)

15-12: Sebastian Barfort, Nikolaj Harmon, Frederik Hjorth, Asmus Leth Olsen: Dishonesty and Selection into Public Service in Denmark: Who Runs the World’s Least Corrupt Public Sector? Abstract PDF (1557KB)

15-11: Ole Jann, Christoph Schottmüller: How Jeremy Bentham would defend against coordinated attacks Abstract PDF (709KB)

15-10: Rasmus Søndergaard Pedersen: Inference and testing on the boundary in extended constant conditional correlation GARCH models Abstract PDF (916KB)

15-09: Eric Hillebrand, Søren Johansen and Torben Schmith: Data Revisions and the Statistical Relation of Global Mean Sea-Level and Temperature Abstract PDF (727KB)

15-08: Thomas H. Jørgensen: Life-Cycle Consumption and Children: Evidence from a Structural Estimation Abstract PDF (694KB)

15-07: Rasmus Søndergaard Pedersen and Anders Rahbek: Nonstationary ARCH and GARCH with t-Distributed Innovations Abstract PDF (526KB)

15-06: Jeanet Sinding Bentzen: Acts of God? Religiosity and Natural Disasters Across Subnational World Districts Abstract PDF (1654KB)

15-05: Fedor Iskhakov, Jinhyuk Lee, John Rust, Bertel Schjerning and Kyoungwon Seo: Constrained Optimization Approaches to Estimation of Structural Models: Comment Abstract PDF (408KB)

15-04: Benjamin Falkeborg: Dealing with Dynamic Agency Abstract  PDF (910KB)

15-03: Marc Klemp and Niels Framroze Møller: Post-Malthusian Dynamics in Pre-Industrial Scandinavia Abstract  PDF (801KB)

15-02: Jan Boone and Christoph Schottmüller: Health provider networks, quality and costs Abstract PDF (681KB)

15-01: Casper Worm Hansen and Holger Strulik: Life Expectancy and Education: Evidence from the Cardiovascular Revolution Abstract  PDF (941KB)