Discussion Papers 1993

: Christian Schultz: Polarization and Inefficient Policies. Abstract
→ Publ. in: Review of Economic Studies, 1996, 63(2) pp 331-44

93-15: Christian Schultz: The Politics of Persuasion when Voters are Rational. Abstract
→ Publ. in: Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 1995, 97(3) pp 357-68

93-14: Katarina Juselius: Do Purchasing Power Parity and Uncovered Interest Rate Parity Hold in the Long Run? - An Example of Likelihood in a Multivariate Time-Series Model. Abstract
→ Publ. in: Journal of Econometrics, vol. 69(1) September 1995, pp. 211-40

93-13: Christian Groth: Keynesian-Monetarist Dynamics and the Corridor. Abstract

93-12: Karl Vind: Perfect Competition or the Core. Abstract
→ Publ. in: European Economic Review, 1995, 39(9) pp 1733-45
→ Publ. in: D.A. Walker, ed., Equilibrium. Volume 3. Some recent types of equilibrium models. Elgar, 2000,  pp 389-401.

93-11: Karl Gunnar Persson: Total Factor Productivity Growth in English Agriculture, 1250-1450. Abstract

93-10: Eskil Heinesen: A Macroeconomic Rationing Model Estimated by Cointegration Techniques and Generalized Method of Moments. Abstract
→ Publ. in: Economic Modelling, 1995, 12(2) pp 97-110

93-09: Ebbe Hendon, Hans Jørgen Jacobsen, Birgitte Sloth, Torben Tranæs: Does the Allais Paradox Contradict the Independence Axiom? Experimental Reconsiderations. Abstract

93-08: Ebbe Hendon, Birgitte Sloth, Torben Tranæs: Decentralized Trade with Bargaining and Voluntary Matching. Abstract
→ Publ. in: Economic Design, 1994, 1(1) pp 55-77

93-07: Jens Bonke: Household Production and National Accounts. Abstract

93-06: Henrik Lando: Some Determinants of Insider Power in the Labor Market. Abstract

93-05: Katarina Juselius: VAR Modelling and Haavelmo's Probability Approach to Macroeconomic Modelling. Abstract
→ Publ. in: Empirical Economics, 1993, 18(4) pp 595-622

93-04: Ebbe Hendon, Hans Jørgen Jacobsen, Birgitte Sloth, Torben Tranæs: The Product of Capacities and Belief Functions. Abstract
→ Publ. in: Mathematical Social Sciences, 1996, 32(2) pp 95-108

93-03: Torben Tranæs, Nils Groes, Anders Holm Larsen: A Forecast Model for Unemployment by Education. Abstract
→ Publ. in: Labour, 1994, 8(2) pp 317-30

93-02: Anders Borglin: Conditional Preferences of a Savage Agent Who Satisfies Savage-Independence and is Consistent with a von Neumann-Morgenstern Agent. Abstract

93-01: Henrik Lando: The Dual-Class Share System and the Allocation of Control over Time.