Discussion Papers 1996

96-25: Jonathan Rubin: The European Stability Pact and the Effect of Uncertainty on the Debt and Deficit Ratios. Abstract

96-24: João Ejarque: Investment Irreversibility and Precautionary Savings in General Equilibrium. Abstract

96-23: Karl Vind: von Neumann Morgenstern Preferences. Abstract
→ Publ. in: Journal of Mathematical Economics, 2000, 33(1) pp 109-22 

96-22: Sougata Poddar: Capacity and Entry Deterrence under Demand Uncertainty. Abstract

96-21: James H. Cardon, Dan Sasaki: Pre-emptive Search and R&D Clustering. Abstract

96-20: Rasmus Heltberg: How Rural Market Imperfections Shape the Relation Between Farm Size and Productivity - A General Framework and an Application to Pakstani Data. Abstract

96-19: Ebbe Groes, Hans Jørgen Jacobsen, Birgitte Sloth, Torben Tranæs: Axiomatic Characterizations of the Choquet Integral. Abstract
→ Publ. in: Economic Theory, 1998, 12(2) pp 441-48

96-18: Katarina Juselius: An Empirical Analysis of the Changing Role of the German Bundesbank after 1983. Abstract
→ Publ. in: Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 1996, 58(4) pp 791-819 

96-17: Christian Ghiglino, Mich Tvede: Multiplicity of Equilibria. Abstract
→ Publ. in: Journal of Economic Theory, 1997, 75(1) pp 1-15 

96-16: Hans Jørgen Jacobsen: Endogenous, Imperfectly Competitive Business Cycles.
→ Publ. in: European Economic Review, 2000, 44(2) pp 305-36

96-15: Hans Jørgen Jacobsen, Birgitte Sloth: Stochastic Learning and the Intuitive Criterion in Simple Signaling Games. Abstract

96-14: Claus Thustrup Hansen: Progressive Taxation, Wage Bargaining, and Endogenous Working Time. Abstract

96-13: Bent E. Sørensen, Oved Yosha: Income and Consumption Smoothing among US States - Regions or Clubs? Abstract

96-12: Clara Jørgensen, Hans Christian Kongsted, Anders Rahbek: Trend-Stationarity in the I(2) Cointegration Model. Abstract
→ Publ. in:  Journal of Econometrics, 1999, 90(2) pp 265-89 

96-11: Martin Browning, Thomas Crossley: Unemployment Insurance Benefit Levels and Consumption Changes. Abstract
→ Publ. in: Journal of Public Economics, 2001, 80(1) pp 1-23 

96-10: Martin Browning, P.A. Chiappori: Efficient Intra-Household Allocations - A General Characterization and Empirical Tests. Abstract
→ Publ. in: Econometrica, 1998, 66(6) pp 1241-78 

96-09: Martin Browning: The Saving Behaviour of a Two Person Household. Abstract
→ Publ. in: Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 2000, 102(2) pp 235-51 

96-08: Jonathan Rubin, Niels Thygesen: Monetary Union and the Outsiders - A Cointegration/ Codependence Analysis of Business Cycles in Europe. Abstract
→ Publ. in: Economie Appliquée, 1996, 49(3) pp 123-71 

96-07: Christian Schultz: Announcements and Credibility of Monetary Policy. Abstract
→ Publ. in: Oxford Economic Papers, 1996, 48(4) pp 673-80 

96-06: Jean-Francois Fragnart, Omar Licandro, Franck Portier: Idiosyncratic Uncertainty, Capacity Utilization and the Business Cycle. Abstract

96-05: Egbert Dierker, Birgit Grodal: The Price Normalization Problem in Imperfect Competition and the Objective of the Firm. Abstract
→ Publ. in: Economic Theory, 1999, 14(2) pp 257-84 

96-04: Christian Schultz: Political Competition and Polarization. Abstract

96-03: Jean-Pierre Benoît, Vijay Krishna: The Folk Theorems for Repeated Games - A Synthesis. Abstract

96-02: Katarina Juselius: A Structured VAR under Changing Monetary Policy. Abstract

96-01: Martin Browning, Annamaria Lusardi: Household Saving: Micro Theories and Micro Facts. Abstract
→ Publ. in: Journal of Economic Literature, 1996, 34(4) pp 1797-1855