Discussion Papers 2005

05-29: Katarina Juselius, Javier Ordóñez: The Balassa-Samuelson Effect and the Wage, Price and Unemployment Dynamics in Spain. Abstract PDF (274KB)

05-28: Jakob Roland Munch, Jan Rose Skaksen: Specialization, Outsourcing and Wages. Abstract PDF (314KB)

05-27: Elina Eskola: Commercialisation and Poverty in Tanzania: Household-level Analysis. Abstract PDF (394KB)

05-26: Holger Strulik: Too Much of a Good Thing? The Quantitative Economics of R&D–driven Growth Revisited. Abstract PDF (227KB)

05-25: Thomas Jensen: Can Ambiguity in Electoral Competition be Explained by Projection Effects in Voters' Perceptions? Abstract PDF (187KB)

05-24: Hans Keiding: Capabilities and Equality of Health I. Abstract PDF (102KB)

05-23: Yves Balasko, Mich Tvede: Equilibrium Data Sets and Compatible Utility Rankings. Abstract PDF (250KB)

05-22: Elina Eskola: Improving Trade and Transport Services in Tanzania: A General Equilibrium Approach. Abstract PDF (322KB)

05-21: John Kennes, Aaron Schiff: Simple Reputation Systems. Abstract PDF (329KB)

05-20: Lorenz Goette, Rudolf Minsch, Jean-Robert Tyran: Micro Evidence on the Adjustment of Sticky-Price Goods: It's How Often, not How Much. Abstract PDF (195KB)

05-19: Peter Holch Knudsen, Lars Peter Østerdal: Merging and Splitting in Cooperative Games: Some (Im-)Possibility Results. Abstract PDF (157KB)

05-18: Benoît Julien, John Kennes, Ian King: Monetary Exchange with Multilateral Matching. Abstract PDF (336KB)

05-17: Mikkel Barslund, John Rand, Finn Tarp, Jacinto Chiconela: Understanding Victimization: The Case of Mozambique. Abstract PDF (991KB)

05-16: Holger Strulik: Social Composition, Social Conflict, and Economic Development.
Abstract PDF (256KB)

05-15: Holger Strulik: Geography, Health, and Demo-Economic Development.
Abstract PDF (294KB)

05-14: Hervé Crès, Mich Tvede: On the Political Economy of Adverse Selection.
Abstract PDF (145KB). New edition 2006 PDF (152KB)

05-13: Lones Smith, Peter Norman Sørensen: Informational Herding and Optimal Experimentation. Abstract PDF (376KB)

05-12: Charles M. Harvey, Lars Peter Østerdal: Preferences Between Continuous Streams of Events. Abstract PDF (235KB)

05-11: Jakob Roland Munch: International Outsourcing and Individual Job Separations.
Abstract PDF (380KB)

05-10: Thomas Barnebeck Andersen, John Rand: Mice Do Not Take Bribes.
Abstract PDF (181KB)

05-09: Ernst Fehr, Jean-Robert Tyran: Individual Irrationality and Aggregate Outcomes. Abstract PDF (370KB)

05-08: Eirik S. Amundsen, Fridrik M. Baldursson, Jørgen Birk Mortensen: Price Volatility and Banking in Green Certificate Markets. Abstract PDF (291KB)

05-07: Hans Keiding: On the Foundation of Guidelines for Health Economic Evaluation. Abstract PDF (95KB)

05-06: Thomas Barnebeck Andersen, Henrik Hansen, Thomas Markussen: US Politics and World Bank IDA-Lending. Abstract PDF (199KB)

05-05: Katarina Juselius, Søren Johansen: Extracting Information from the Data: A Popperian View on Empirical Macro. Abstract PDF (248KB)

05-04: Carl-Johan Dalgaard, Henrik Hansen: The Return to Foreign Aid.
Abstract PDF (192KB)

05-03: Hans Keiding, Mette J. Knudsen: Rational Fear of Floating: A Simple Model of Exchange Rates and Income Distribution. Abstract PDF (100KB)

05-02: Mette Ejrnæs, Karl Gunnar Persson: The Nature and Costs of Dis-Equilibrium Trade: The Case of Transatlantic Grain Exports in the 19th Century.
Abstract PDF (355KB)

05-01: John Rand: Credit Constraints and Determinants of the Cost of Capital in Vietnamese Manufacturing. Abstract PDF (147KB)