Discussion Papers 2008

08-35: Konstantinos Fokianos, Anders Rahbek, Dag Tjøstheim: Poisson Autoregression. Abstract PDF (534KB) 

08-34: Giuseppe Cavaliere, Anders Rahbek, A. M. Robert Taylor: Testing for Co-integration in Vector Autoregressions with Non-Stationary Volatility. Abstract PDF (527KB) 

08-33: Christoffer Sonne-Schmidt, Finn Tarp, Lars Peter Østerdal: Ordinal Comparison of Multidimensional Deprivation: theory and application. Abstract PDF (267KB) 

08-32: Holger Strulik, Jacob Weisdorf: Birth, Death, and Development: A Simple Unified Growth Theory. Abstract PDF (319KB)

08-31: Roman Frydman, Michael D. Goldberg, Søren Johansen, Katarina Juselius: A Resolution of the Purchasing Power Parity Puzzle: Imperfect Knowledge and Long Swings. Abstract PDF (315KB) 

08-30: Damjan Pfajfar, Emiliano Santoro: Determinacy, Stock Market Dynamics and Monetary Policy Inertia. Abstract PDF (190KB) 

08-29: Charles N. Noussair, Gregers Richter, Jean-Robert Tyran: Money Illusion and Nominal Inertia in Experimental Asset Markets. Abstract PDF (284KB) 

08-28: Alessandro Bucciol, Marco Piovesan: Luck or Cheating? A Field Experiment on Honesty with Children. Abstract PDF (415KB)  

08-27: Aqib Aslam, Emiliano Santoro: Bank Lending, Housing and Spreads. Abstract PDF (463KB)  

08-26: Ernesto Reuben, Jean-Robert Tyran: Everyone Is a Winner: Promoting Cooperation through Non-Rival Intergroup Competition. Abstract PDF (643KB)

08-25: Rebecca Morton, Jean-Robert Tyran: Let the Experts Decide? Asymmetric Information, Abstention, and Coordination in Standing Committees. Abstract PDF (300KB) 

08-24: Jens Leth Hougaard, Hervé Moulin, Lars Peter Østerdal: Decentralized Pricing in Minimum Cost Spanning Trees. Abstract PDF (223KB) 

08-23: Jan Gunnarsson, Torsten Wallin: An Evolutionary Approach to Regional Systems of Innovation. Abstract PDF (386KB) 

08-22: Jan Gunnarsson: EU Legitimacy and Social Affiliation: A case study of engineers in Europe. Abstract PDF (148KB)

08-21: Rupert Sausgruber, Jean-Robert Tyran: Tax Salience, Voting, and Deliberation. 
Abstract PDF (521KB)

08-20: Paul Sharp: The Long American Grain Invasion of Britain: Market integration and the wheat trade between North America and Britain from the Eighteenth Century. Abstract PDF (167KB)

08-19: Alexander Sebald, Markus Walzl: How Ego-threats Facilitate Contracts Based on Subjective Evaluations. Abstract PDF (345KB) 

08-18: Hans Oluf Hansen: Issues of Selection in Human Survivorship: A Theory of Mortality Change from the Mid-Eighteenth to the Early Twenty First Century. Abstract PDF (1MB) 

08-17: Eva Rytter Sunesen: A Mean-Variance Explanation of FDI Flows to Developing Countries. Abstract PDF (208KB) 

08-16: Niels Framroze Møller, Paul Sharp: Malthus in Cointegration Space: A new look at living standards and population in pre-industrial England. Abstract PDF (384KB) 

08-15: Jacob Weisdorf: Why did the First Farmers Toil? Human Metabolism and the Origins of Agriculture. Abstract PDF (397KB)

08-14: Shekhar Aiyar, Carl-Johan Dalgaard: Accounting for Productivity: Is it OK to Assume that the World is Cobb-Douglas? Abstract PDF (435KB)

08-13: Bent Nielsen, Heino Bohn Nielsen: Properties of Estimated Characteristic Roots. Abstract PDF (247KB)

08-12: J. Abdou, Hans Keiding: Interaction Sheaves on Continuous Domains.
Abstract PDF (264KB)

08-11: Thomas Barnebeck Andersen, Jeanet Bentzen, Carl-Johan Dalgaard, Pablo Selaya: On the Impact of Digital Technologies on Corruption: Evidence from U.S. States and Across Countries. Abstract PDF (359KB)

08-10: Bodil O. Hansen, Hans Keiding: How Likely Is Factor Price Equalization?
Abstract PDF (117KB)

08-09: Marco Piovesan, Erik Wengström: Fast or Fair? A Study of Response Times.
Abstract PDF (237KB)

08-08: Paul Sharp: Pushing Wheat: Why Supply Mattered for the American Grain Invasion of Britain in the Nineteenth Century. Abstract PDF (199KB)

08-07: Andreas Beyer, Katarina Juselius: Does it Matter How to Measure Aggregates? The Case of Monetary Transmission Mechanisms in the Euro Area. Abstract PDF (262KB)

08-06: Antonio Cabrales, Raffaele Miniaci, Marco Piovesan, Giovanni Ponti: Social Preferences and Strategic Uncertainty: An Experiment on Markets and Contracts.
Abstract PDF (1,3MB)

08-05: Mette Asmild, Torben Holvad, Jens Leth Hougaard, Dorte Kronborg: Railway reforms: Do they influence operating efficiency? Abstract PDF (189KB)

08-04: Pablo Selaya, Eva R. Sunesen: Does Foreign Aid Increase Foreign Direct Investment? Abstract PDF (280KB)

08-03: Søren Johansen, Bent Nielsen: An analysis of the indicator saturation estimator as a robust regression estimator. Abstract PDF (335KB)

08-02: Jens Leth Hougaard, Jørgen Tind: Cost Allocation and Convex Data Envelopment. Abstract PDF (196KB)

08-01: Jens Leth Hougaard, Lars Peter Østerdal, Yi Yu: The Chinese Health Care System: Structure, Problems and Challenges. Abstract PDF (608KB)