Discussion Papers 2017

17-26: Mogens Fosgerau, Emerson Melo, André de Palma, Matthew Shum: Discrete Choice and Rational Inattention: A General Equivalence Result Abstract PDF (449 KB)

17-25: Mogens Fosgerau, Jinwon Kim, Abhishek Ranjan: Vickrey Meets Alonso: Commute Scheduling and Congestion in a Monocentric City Abstract PDF (1.62 MB)

17-24: Natalia Jimenez, Ismael Rodriguez-Lara, Jean-Robert Tyran, Erik Wengström: Thinking fast, thinking badly Abstract PDF (675 KB)

17-23: Søren Johansen, Morten Ørregaard Nielsen: Testing the CVAR in the fractional CVAR model Abstract PDF (225 KB)

17-22: Philipp Ager, Casper Worm Hansen: Closing Heaven’s Door: Evidence from the 1920s U.S.Immigration Quota Acts Abstract PDF (1.11 MB)

17-21: Mogens Fosgerau, Gege Jiang: Travel time variability and rational inattention Abstract PDF (569 KB)

17-20: Johan N. M. Lagerlöf: Hybrid All-Pay and Winner-Pay Contests Abstract PDF (337 KB)

17-19: Casper Worm Hansen, Peter Sandholt Jensen, Peter Egedesø Madsen: Preventing the White Death: Tuberculosis Dispensaries Abstract PDF (3.82 MB)

17-18: Martín Gonzalez-Eiras, Dirk Niepelt: Fiscal Federalism, Grants, and the U.S. Fiscal Transformation in the 1930s Abstract PDF (467 KB)

17-17: Henrik Jensen, Ivan Petrella, Søren Hove Ravn, Emiliano Santoro: Leverage and Deepening Business Cycle Skewness Abstract PDF (899 KB)

17-16: Gregory Casey, Marc Klemp: Instrumental Variables in the Long Run Abstract PDF (1.72 MB)

17-15: Rasmus Søndergaard Pedersen, Anders Rahbek: TESTING GARCH-X TYPE MODELS Abstract PDF (335 KB)

17-14: Thomas Markussen, Louis Putterman, Liangjun Wang: Governing Collective Action in the Face of Observational Error Abstract PDF (751 KB)

17-13: Martín Gonzalez-Eiras, Jesper Rüdiger: Liquidity Shocks, Market Maker Turnover, and Bidding Behavior in Treasury Auctions Abstract PDF (425 KB)

17-12: Christian Groth, Jakub Growiec: Do MincerianWage Equations Inform How Schooling Influences Productivity? Abstract PDF (237 KB)

17-11: Carl-Johan Dalgaard, Casper Worm Hansen, Holger Strulik: Accounting for Fetal Origins: Health Capital vs. Health Deficits Abstract PDF (187 KB)

17-10: Roman Frydman, Søren Johansen, Anders Rahbek, Morten Nyboe Tabor:

17-09: Massimo Franchi, Søren Johansen: Improved inference on cointegrating vectors in the presence of a near unit root using adjusted quantiles Abstract PDF (344 KB)

17-08: Katarina Juselius: A CVAR scenario for a standard monetary model using theory-consistent expectations Abstract PDF (213 KB)

17-07: Katarina Juselius: Using a Theory-Consistent CVAR Scenario to Test an Exchange Rate Model Based on Imperfect Knowledge Abstract PDF (504 KB)

17-06: Marcus Mølbak Ingholt: House Prices, Geographical Mobility, and Unemployment Abstract PDF (954 KB)

17-05: Peter K. Kruse-Andersen : Testing R&D-Based Endogenous Growth Models Abstract PDF (623 KB)

17-04: Thomas Markussen, Jean-Robert Tyran : Choosing a Public-Spirited Leader. An experimental investigation of political selection Abstract PDF (2.14 MB)

17-03: Lukasz Gatarek, Søren Johansen: The role of cointegration for optimal hedging with heteroscedastic error term Abstract PDF (242 KB)

17-02: Søren Johansen, Morten Nyboe Tabor: Cointegration between trends and their estimators in state space models and CVAR models Abstract PDF (225 KB)

17-01: Thor Pajhede: A Conditionally Beta Distributed Time-Series Model With Application to Monthly US Corporate Default Rates Abstract PDF (2.14 MB)