Discussion papers 1990

90-22: Torben Tranæs: Toward a Theory of Path Perfectness: Anticipated Behavior in Games of Perfect Information. Abstract

90-21: Karl Vind, with contribut. by Birgit Grodal: Additive Utility Functions and Other Special Functions in Economic Theory. Abstract

90-20:  Ebbe Hendon, Hans Jørgen Jacobsen, Michael Teit Nielsen, Birgitte Sloth: A Learning Process for Games. Abstract

90-19: Lars Tyge Nielsen: Common Knowledge of Price and Expected Cost in an Oligopolistic Market. Abstract

90-18: Ulla Schjødt, Birgitte Sloth: Bargaining Sets with Small Coalitions. Abstract
→ Publ. in: International Journal of Game Theory, 1994, 23(1) pp 49-55

90-17: Troels Østergaard Sørensen: Temporary Layoffs and Unemployment Insurance: A Supply side Macro Model. Abstract

90-16: Birgitte Sloth: Non-Cooperative Models of Voting. Abstract

90-15: Søren Bo Nielsen, Jørgen Søndergaard: Macroeconomic Policy and the External Constraint: The Danish Experience. Abstract
→ Publ. in: George Alogoskoufis, Richard Portes, Lucas Papademos, eds., External Constraints on Macroeconomic Policy. Cambridge University  Press, 1991, pp 342-71.

90-14: Birgit Grodal, Werner Hildenbrand: Statistical Engel Curves, Income Distributions and the "Law of Demand". Abstract

90-13: Troels Østergaard Sørensen: Temporary Layoffs and Unemployment Insurance. Abstract

90-12: Hans Jørgen Jacobsen, Christian Schultz: Undominated Wage Rates in a Unionized Overlapping Generations Economy. Abstract
→ Publ. in: European Economic Review, 1991, 35(6) pp. 1255-1275

90-11: Katarina Juselius: Long-run Relations in a Well Defined Statistical Model for the Data Generating Process. Cointegration Analysis of the PPP and the UIP Relations. Abstract

90-10: Torben M. Andersen, Morten Hviid: Asymmetric Information and Price Stickiness in Imperfectly Competitive Markets. Abstract

90-09: Henrik Lando, Michael Teit Nielsen: Why Political Uncertainty May Paralyze the Housing Market. Abstract

90-08: Karl Vind: Two Characterizations of Bargaining Sets. Abstract
→ Publ. in: Journal of Mathematical Economics, 1992, 21(1) pp 89-97

90-07: Lars Haagen Pedersen, Peter Stephensen: Does Imperfect Competition Imply Pareto Inefficiency? Abstract

90-06: Frank Hansen: Functions of Matrices with Non-Negative Entries. Abstract

90-05: Søren Johansen, Katarina Juselius: Some Structural Hypotheses in a Multivariate Cointegration Analysis of the Purchasing Power Parity and the Uncovered Interest Parity for UK. Abstract
→ Publ. as: "Testing structural hypotheses in a multivariate cointegration analysis of the PPP and the UIP for the UK", in: Journal of Econometrics, 53(1-3) 1992, pp. 211-244

90-04: Peter Birch Sørensen: On the Welfare Gains From International Fiscal Coordination. Abstract

90-03: Peter Fristrup, Hans Keiding: A Characterization of Strongly Implementable Social Choice Correspondences. Abstract

90-02: Niels Thygesen, Daniel Gros: Concrete Steps Towards Monetary Union. Abstract

90-01: Karl Gunnar Persson: Labour Productivity in Medieval Agriculture: Tuscany and the "Low Countries".