Discussion Papers 2000

: David F. Hendry, Katarina Juselius: Explaining Cointegration Analysis: Part II. Abstract PDF (286KB)
→ Publ. in: Energy Journal, 2001, 22(1), pp 75-120

00-19: Jan Tjeerd Boom, Gert Tinggaard Svendsen: The Political Economy of International Emissions Trading Scheme Choice: Empirical Evidence.
Abstract PDF (311KB)
→ Publ. in: Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, vol. 156, no. 4, December 2000, pp. 548-66

00-18: Birgit Grodal, Karl Vind: Walras Equilibrium with Coordination.
Abstract PDF (134KB)

00-17: Jaideep Roy, Konstantinos Serfes: Strategic Lengths of Tenancy Contracts. Abstract PDF (1,2MB)

00-16: Jaideep Roy: When Aspiring and Rational Agents Strive to Coordinate.
Abstract PDF (808KB)

00-15: Hervé Crès, Mich Tvede: Ordering Pareto-Optima through Majority Voting. Abstract
→ Publ. in: Mathematical Social Sciences, 41(3) 2001, 295-325

00-14: Mich Tvede, Martin Kaae Jensen: Endogenous Growth and Competitive Markets. Abstract

00-13: Katarina Juselius, Ronald MacDonald: Interest Rate and Price Linkages between the USA and Japan: Evidence from the Post-Bretton Woods Period.
Abstract PDF (522KB)

00-12: Liansheng Wang: Growth and North-South Wage Gap. Abstract PDF (1,6MB)

00-11: Liansheng Wang: A Theory of Unilateral Trade Policy. Abstract PDF (1,65MB)

00-10: Katarina Juselius, Ronald MacDonald: International Parity Relationships between Germany and the United States: A Joint Modelling Approach.
Abstract PDF (581KB)

00-09: Rabah Amir, Niels Nannerup: Information Structure and the Tragedy of the Commons in Resource Extraction. Abstract PDF (195KB)

00-08: Rabah Amir: Market Structure, Scale Economies and Industry Performance. Abstract PDF (243KB)

00-07: Jens Leth Hougaard, Hans Keiding: On the Welfare Economic Foundations of Health Status Measures. Abstract PDF (108KB)

00-06: Marta Aloi, Hans Jørgen Jacobsen, Teresa Lloyd-Braga: Endogenous Business Cycles and Stabilization Policies. Abstract PDF (231KB)

00-05: Peter Hjertholm, Jytte Laursen, Howard White: Macroeconomic Issues in Foreign Aid. Abstract PDF (169KB)

00-04: Peter Hjertholm, Howard White: Survey of Foreign Aid: History, Trends and Allocation. Abstract PDF (885KB)

00-03: Peter Hjertholm: Analytical History of Heavily Indebted Poor Country (HIPC) Debt Sustainability Targets. Abstract PDF (228KB)
→ Publ. in: Journal of Development Studies, vol. 39, no. 6, August 2003, pp. 67-100, as "Theoretical and Empirical Foundations of HIPC Debt Sustainability Targets"

00-02: Christian Groth, Poul Schou: Can Nonrenewable Resources Alleviate the Knife-edge Character of Endogenous Growth? Abstract PDF (273KB)
→ Publ. in: Oxford Economic Papers, vol. 54, no. 3, July 2002, pp. 386-411

00-01: Hans Keiding, Mich Tvede: Imperfect Competition and the Firm: Some Equivalence Results. Abstract PDF (146KB)