Ines Afonso Roque Ferreira

Ines Afonso Roque Ferreira


The core of my work has focused on two projects on Mozambique. The EDI – Economic Institutions & Development project is part of a cross-country programme that aims to build an institutional diagnostic tool. The second project draws on behavioural economics to understand the relationship between individual characteristics and job preferences of university students in Maputo. Additionally, I have recently started working on thematic projects on Inequality and Poverty, which will entail both cross-country and country-specific work. I hold a PhD in International Development from the University of East Anglia. My PhD research looked at the impact of foreign aid on economic development in fragile states, considering a multidimensional approach to state fragility.

Primary fields of research

Institutions, Mozambique, fragile states, development aid, development economics

ID: 203107948