Working Papers from Research Centres at the Department of Economics

The entire centre series are registered in RePEc in full

CAM Working papers
Centre for Applied Microeconometrics
Language: English

CIE Discussion papers (From 2007 online only)
Centre for Industrial Economics
Language: English
ISSN 1396-9765

CEBI working papers
Centre for Economic Behavior and Inequality
Language: Engelsk

EPRU Working papers (From 2005/4 online only)
Economic Policy Research Unit
Language: English
ISSN 0908-7745

EPRU Analyses
Economic Policy Research Unit
Language: Danish or English
Contents: Applied analyses primarily on Danish issues
ISSN 0908-7753

FRU Working papers 
Finance Research Unit
Language: English

DERG Working papers
Development Economics Research Group
Language: English
ISSN 2597-1018