Information about courses, admission, tuition fees and policies

Open University offers you a great opportunity for continuing education and supplementary training.

All our courses, including summer schools, are offered according to a vacant seats scheme. That is, the department's own students have a prior claim to course seats, and only vacant seats are offered to Open University students.

You can take up to half of the BSc and the MSc programme on Open University:

  • 90 ECTS credits on the Bachelor's programme
  • 60 ECTS credits on the 2-year Master's programme

You are not allowed to complete an entire BSc or a 2-year MSc on Open University and it is not possible to write neither a bachelor's thesis nor a master's thesis as an Open University student.

NOTICE: You cannot be enrolled on Open University courses that form part of the curriculum of your full-time degree programme.

Open University courses are offered pursuant to the rules of the Danish Ministerial Order No. 1188 of 7 December 2009 on Part-Time Education at Universities.