Student Guidance Service

​​​​​In the Student Guidance Service you receive guidance on a wide range of topics – anything from motivation and study planning to making choices about master’s programmes, electives, studying abroad, etc. You can find all the rules and regulation on KUnet, and you are welcome to stop by for a talk about how specific rules influence your situation.

You are always welcome to send us an email, or call us within our phone hours. If you prefer a longer guidance session you are welcome to book a session of 25 minutes.

You can book a phone session of 25 minutes here. (Unfortunately, the booking site is only available in Danish. If you have trouble booking a session, we are happy to help you).​

If you contact the Student Guidance Service by email, please remember to write from your KU-email.

Please note: Our campus is closed down at the moment as a part of the containment of COVID-19. While the campus is closed all pre-booked sessions will be completed over the phone. You can still contact us during phone hours and by e-mail.

Opening hours

You can call the Student Guidance Service every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 10.30 - 11.30
You can book a phone session Monday-Friday. See available times in the booking system above.

Contact the Student Guidance Service:
Room: 5.1.44
Phone: +45 35 32 30 52

The Student Guidance Service is closed on all public holidays and during the summer break 13 July - 2 August

The Guidance Counsellors are covered by a duty of confidentiality. A conversation between the Guidance Counsellor and a student is confidential, which means that what is said there, does not leave the room.

However, the Guidance Counsellor also has a duty to pass on information concerning students violating rules. E.g., if you tell him/her about cheating at an exam, she is obligated to pass on the information to the Head of Studies.

The Student Counsellor cannot help with questions regarding SU. Please find this information on KUnet under 'SU and Grants' or contact the central SU unit at UCPH.​