AE interdisciplinary seminar with Benjamin Grant Purzycki, Aarhus University

"Ethnographic Free-Listing: Measuring and Incorporating Culture in the Social Sciences"


"Culture” has long been considered a major characteristic of and causal factor in human behavior and its variation. Yet, while some of the properties of distinctly human culture are assessed in empirical research projects, these properties are rarely linked to psychological and social contexts in meaningful ways. The free-list task captures important elements of what people know, believe, and what they communicate to each other. It also accounts for the distribution of cultural information can be useful in assessing how culture can affect human decisions and behavior. This talk profiles the method of ethnographic free-listing, highlights its utility across analytical levels including cognition, behavior, communities, and cross-population dynamics, and points to some ideas about future developments in the technique.

For more information about Benjamin Grant Purzycki and his interesting work - link to his website.

Contact person: Jeanet Sinding Bentzen