Course Requirements for Admission

As mentioned in the curriculum, admission to the 5+3 programme is based on a successfully completed Master's degree in Economics or Mathematics-Economics from the University of Copenhagen (or equivalent). It is an additional admission requirement, not automatically satisfied by these two master's degrees, that the applicant must have completed at least one relevant advanced course within each core discipline of macroeconomics, microeconomics and econometrics.

The current, specific requirement for these advanced courses is that they must train the student to master technically advanced material in macroeconomics, microeconomics and econometrics. The applicant must provide proof of courses that are at least equivalent to the following Economics courses in each of the three areas, as described in the courses catalogues in the course catalogue

Macroeconomics: Advanced Macroeconomics1, Advanced Marcroeconomics: Business Cycles or Monetary Policy2 (the previous Monetary Economics: Macro Aspects1)

Microeconomics: Game Theory1 or *Mechanism Design2

Econometrics: Advanced Macroeconometrics1, Advanced Microeconometrics or Advanced Macroeconomics: Structural Vector Autoregressive (VAR) Analysis.

1. The course is discontinued from the course offering. If you have passed the course, is the ever-qualifying.
2. The course is not offered at present

January 2019