Job Market Candidates 2021-2022

In recent years, our job market candidates have taken up positions at top universities including University of Zurich, University of Oxford, University of Leeds, University of Cambridge, LSE, MIT, and Lund University.

Placement officer: Emiliano Santoro (

Our placement officer is the primary contact for prospective employers who have questions about a candidate's CV, experience, or research fields. Employers may also contact the students and their advisors directly.

This year we present the following PhD candidates available for interview at the annual ASSA meetings.

Andrei Matveenko

JMP: Sparking curiosity or tipping the scales? Targeted advertising to rationally inattentive consumers

Andrei Matveenko- Curriculum Vitae

Primary Field of Research: Information Economics, Rational Inattention

Secondary Field of Research: Behavioral Economics, Game Theory

Patrick Thöni

JMP: Multi-Market Effects of Financial Transaction Taxes

Patrick Thöni - Curriculum Vitae

Primary Field of Research: Financial Microstructure, Theoretical and Empirical

Secondary Field of Research: Asset Pricing, High-Frequency Econometrics 

Young Jun Lee

JMP: Multidimensional Matching and Labor Market Complementarity

Young Jun Lee - Curriculum Vitae

Primary Field of Research: Econometric Theory, Applied Microeconomics

Secondary Field of Research: Time Series, Financial Econometrics