The Employer Panel 

The main task of the Employer Panel is to advice the Department on
1) New educations and/or courses
2) New curricula/revision of existing curricula
3) Contact to the relevant employer group
4) Student intake, employment figures and job opportunities

The panel is composed of ten representatives from the business sector and public and voluntary organizations. The panel is attended by the Head of Department, the Head of Studies, the Head of PhD Programme, a scientific staff member and the associate dean for education.

From a set of criteria, the Department suggests to the faculty relevant labour market nominees for the Employer Panel. The Faculty approves of the nominees and may supplement with one or two persons.

The Department must be represented by the Head of Department and the Head of Studies. Additionally, up to two academic staff members may be appointed. A chairman and a vice-chairman are appointed. Meetings are held once a year.

Members of the Employer Panel at the Department of Economics:

  • Christian Ølgaard (chairperson), CFO, Export and Investment Fund of Denmark (EIFO)
  • Lars Haagen Pedersen, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Economic Policy, The Ministry of Finance
  • Mette Deding, COO, VIVE
  • Torsten Hasforth, Chief Economist, CONCITO
  • Louise Aggerstrøm Hansen, Chief Analyst, Danske Bank
  • Eva Rytter Sunesen, Partner and co-founder, Implement Economics
  • Dorte Grinderslev, Chief Consultant, The Secretariat of the Danish Economic Councils
  • Mie Dalskov Pihl, Special Advisor, The Ministry of Children and Education
  • Karsten Strøbæk, Technical Program Manager, Microsoft
  • Martin Magelund Rasmussen, CEO, Centre of Head and Orthopaedics at the national hospital in Denmark (Rigshospitalet)

The Employer Panel covers the following programmes: BSc and MSc in Economics

Minutes can be obtained here: