Study Board

The purpose of the study board (according to the University Act § 18) is to:

1) ensure and develop the quality of the study programme and the teaching and to follow-up on educational- and teaching evaluations
2) produce proposals for curricula and alterations thereto
3) approve the organisation of teaching and tests as well as other assessment forming part of the exams
4) process applications concerning credit transfer, including credit transferred in advance and exemptions
5) make statements in all matters of importance to the study programmes and teaching and to discuss matters related to the study programme and the teaching as presented by the Rector.

The study board comprises equal numbers of representatives of the academic staff and students, selected by and from the academic staff and students respectively.

The study board selects from among its members a chairman from the academic staff and a vice chairman from the students.

The study board recommends a head of studies to the dean.

The teacher representatives are appointed for three years, and the students are appointed for one year.

6-8 meetings are held annually. Summaries from all meeting are in Danish and uploaded at our Danish web site.

The Study Board covers the bachelor's-  and master's degree programme in economics.


Head of Studies:
Henrik Hansen

Academic staff members: 
Henrik Hansen (formand)
Mette Ejrnæs
Hans Jørgen Whitta-Jacobsen
Alexander Christopher Sebald

Mikkel Büchler Henriksen 
Pernille Marie Nordlund Jonsson
Espen Rostrup
Ida Marie Kruse

Susanne Stoltz