The PhD Programme Committee

The PhD Programme Committee is the advisory board for the Head of PhD Programme in all matters pertaining to the PhD curriculum, academic and linguistic requirements and the general PhD working environment at the Department.

The members are the Head of PhD Programme, an academic staff representative and two PhD scholars.

The Head of PhD Programme is appointed chairman of the committee. The academic staff representative is appointed by the Head of Department.

The Department’s PhD representative in the PhD Study Committee at The Faculty of Social Sciences is appointed member of the PhD Programme Committee. On consulting the PhD group, this PhD member may have an additional PhD scholar elected to the committee.


Head of PhD Programme: Mette Gørtz
Academic staff representative: Emiliano Santoro
PhD scholar and member of the PhD Study Committee at the Faculty of Social Sciences: Simon Lund Hetland
PhD scholar: Katrine Marie Tofthøj Jakobsen