Research unit for quantitative research on children and education

With support from the Ministry of Children and Education, the research unit, EduQuant, aims to strengthen quantitative research into children and education by building more evidence and conducting new impact studies. At the same time, the unit will act as a sparring partner in connection with the ministry’s own analyses and knowledge work, and it will organise a series of conferences, courses and network activities.

The unit is managed by director Mette Ejrnæs, co-leaders Andreas Bjerre-Nielsen and Kristian Bernt Karlsson and coordinator Kamma Lind Halvorsen



The reference group for EduQuant has been constituted to provide feedback and advice for the research unit’s work and progress.

University of Copenhagen holds the presidency of the group. The members of the reference group are:

  • Dorte Grinderslev, senior consultant, Danish Economics Councils
  • Bjarke Hartkopf, interim manager, The Danish Evaluation Institute
  • Lars Kirkebøen, Researcher, Statistics Norway
  • David Dreyer Lassen, Prorector for research, University of Copenhagen
  • Christian Vittrup, Leading Chief Adviser, Statistics Denmark
  • Lars Videbæk, Head of division, the Danish Ministry of Children and Education

The group meets twice a year.


Over the next four years, the research unit will launch no less than nine subprojects, which from various angles will study the significance of parent background and explore the many choices and circumstances that may affect children and youth’s education throughout life:

  1. Work harder! Social background, skills and choice of education
  2. Age when starting daycare and chances in education
  3. Effects of nurseries being mandatory in children in vulnerable neighborhoods
  4. Investments in daycare institutions with disadvantaged children
  5. Allocation of preschool children
  6. Interaction between parents and institutions/schools
  7. School choice in a Danish context
  8. Education and young people with mental health illnesses
  9. Machine learning and big data in education policies







Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Andreas Bjerre-Nielsen Associate Professor Social Networks; Economics of Education; Human Mobility; Data Science & Game Theory +4535324417 E-mail
Jesper Eriksen Assistant Professor Education economics; Labor economics; Social mobility; Inequality; Applied microeconometrics +4535321682 E-mail
Jesper Fries PhD Fellow Child and Youth Wellbeing; Economics of Education; Public Economics; Applied Microeconometrics +4535331806 E-mail
Kristian Bernt Karlson Associate Professor - Promotion Programme Educational stratification, social mobility, quantitative methods +4535321588 E-mail
Mads Meier Jæger Professor Social mobility, social inequality, econometrics, education, cultural consumption, rational choice, physical attractiveness +4535323284 E-mail
Mette Ejrnæs Professor Applied Micro Econometrics; Income/earnings Processes; Consumption; Foster Care and Unemployment Insurance +4535323062 E-mail
Mette Foged Associate Professor Labour economics; household economics; economics of migration and integration; applied microeconometrics +4535323582 E-mail
Mette Gørtz Professor Health Economics; Family Economics; Labour Economics; Ageing; Applied Microeconometrics +4535323014 E-mail
Miriam Wüst Associate Professor - Promotion Programme Empirical Research on Children and Families; Health Economics; Applied Micro Econometrics; Family Economics +4535321365 E-mail

External researchers:

Name Organisation E-mail
Rasmus Landersø The ROCKWOOL Foundation E-mail
Mikkel Høst Gandil University of Oslo E-mail
Miriam Gensowski The ROCKWOOL Foundation E-mail


Name Organisation E-mail
Christian Fogel Henneberg Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen
Dongjie Wu Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen E-mail
Ea Hoppe Blaabæk Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen E-mail
Jesper Fels Birkelund Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen E-mail
Emil Chrisander SODAS, University of Copenhagen E-mail
Helene Willadsen SODAS, University of Copenhagen E-mail
Nicklas Johansen SODAS, University of Copenhagen E-mail
Lykke Sterll Christensen Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen E-mail
Sarah Sander Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen E-mail