Shocking Religion

More than four out of five people on Earth profess a belief in God. This covers large differences across the globe. In Denmark, only 28% believe in God, but in Algeria and Pakistan 100% do. At the same time, there are vast differences across the globe in terms of income, education, and conflict, to name but a few factors.

The novel concept of Shocking Religion is to combine macroeconomics with religious studies to determine the roots of such societal differences. Our hypothesis is that the intensity of people’s religious beliefs, i.e. religiosity, influences their actions, in turn impacting society as a whole. Shocking Religion will determine whether differences in religiosity can explain an essential part of global differences in four main socio-economic outcomes: Education, income, gender roles, and productivity.







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Jeanet Sinding Bentzen Associate Professor - Promotion Programme Billede af Jeanet Sinding Bentzen

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Logo: Independent Research Foundation Denmark

Shocking Religion has received a four year funding The Independent Research Foundation

Period:  september 2021 - august 2025


Principal Investigator Jeanet Bentzen

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Hans-Joachim Voth Professor at University of Zurich +41 44 634 55 47 E-mail