Andreas Bjerre-Nielsen

Andreas Bjerre-Nielsen

Associate Professor

I am an Associate Professor in Economics and Social Data Science at University of Copenhagen. The majority of my research focuses on education related behavior and policies, using methods from economics and data science. Some areas of within education is school choice, use of digital technology, prediction tools for intervention as well as peer effects/social interactions. Other research topics include using tools from econometrics and data science to investigate human behavior more broadly.

I supervise students in the core areas of my research at the intersection of econometrics and data science.

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Some selected publications

You can see all my publications here and my working papers here.

Bjerre-Nielsen, A
. and Gandil, M.H., 2024. Attendance Boundary Policies and the Limits to Combating School Segregation. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 16(1), pp.190-227.

Andreas Bjerre-Nielsen, Valentin Kassarnig, David Dreyer Lassen, and Sune Lehmann, "Task-specific information outperforms surveillance-style big data in predictive analytics", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2021)​​.

Bjerre-Nielsen, A., Andersen, A., Minor, K. and Lassen, D.D., 2020. The negative effect of smartphone use on academic performance may be overestimated: Evidence from a 2-year panel study. Psychological Science, 31(11), pp.1351-1362.

Current research

Development and deployment of algorithms for decisions and prediction
Social networks and peer effects
Education policy and digital technology

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