How do job seekers apply for jobs and can we help them do better?

Recently, there has been a growing interest in policy initiatives that attempt to combat unemployment by influencing the types of jobs job seekers apply to. A major challenge for the design of such policies is that existing empirical evidence on the job application process is very limited: Existing studies of job search are typically based either on administrative data that do not include job applications at all, or on data from online job platforms with limited coverage.

In this project we will leverage a novel data source on job applications made by the universe of UI recipients in Denmark, which we will link to administrative data on the universe of firms, workers and employment relationship, and to data on posted vacancies.







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Nikolaj Arpe Harmon Associate Professor Labor Markets; Jobs; Politicians; Public sector employees; Program evaluation Billede af Nikolaj Arpe Harmon

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How do job seekers apply for jobs and can we help them do better? has received a four year funding from The Independent Research Foundation Denmark.

Period:  January 2021 - March 2025


Principal Investigator Nikolaj Harmon

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Jonas Maibom Assistant Professor at Uni of Aarhus +45 87166075 E-mail