Growth and Development in Tanzania

The Growth and Development Research Project in Tanzania (GDRP) is a collaborative project between the Department of Economics (DoE) of University of Dar es Salaam and DERG with funding from the Embassy of Denmark in Tanzania.

The main objective of the GDRP project is to address the need for improved capacity in policy analysis for Tanzania, strengthening both research and teaching capacity at the department of economics and creating impact on both the academic community and more broadly on the country through knowledge dissemination by dialogue, policy briefs and publications.


The GDRP research initiative supports the efforts of the Government of Tanzania in enhancing inclusive economic growth and poverty reduction with a view to improving the wellbeing of the majority of the Tanzanians.

You can follow the project and keep an eye on current events and research results at the project web site.

Funding: The project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark







Name Title Job responsibilities Image
Finn Tarp Professor Development Economics; Poverty; Income Distribution and Growth; Micro- and Macroeconomic Policy and Modeling Billede af Finn Tarp

Funded by:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Growth and Development in Tanzania has received 8 years funding from The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Period:  March 2016 - December 2023


Principal Investigator Professor Finn Tarp

External members:

Name Title Phone E-mail
Test Testesen PhD fellow  +45 353-20566 E-mail
Forsker Forskersen Associate professor +45 353-30148 E-mail