Energy Social Accounting Matrix for Vietnam (ESAM)

This project will together with the Central Institute of Economic Management (CIEM) construct an Energy Social Accounting Matrix for Vietnam to explore the socioeconomic impact of the energy transition.


There is a need to conduct an economy-wide analysis to support Vietnam in delivering on its emission reduction commitment while taking into account socio-economic implications.

The framework proposed for this analysis is a Social Accounting Matrix (SAM). A SAM is a comprehensive data system providing an empirical basis for studying intersectoral relationships, inter-regional resource flows, and distribution of income to various population groups.

In the context of the Just Energy Transition, an Energy Social Accounting Matrix (ESAM) would combine input-output tables from the national accounts with detailed information on energy, labour markets, household expenditure, etc.

The resulting ESAM would enable researchers to model policy alternatives to inform policy makers about the impact of the energy transition on domestic industries, regions, trade, and groups of households.


The construction of the 2019 ESAM will start with detailed input-output tables produced by the General Statistics Office (GSO). GSO will release this information in early 2024.

The defining quality of an ESAM is the use of disaggregated energy sector data to make possible analysis of the impact of energy policies.

In addition to energy inputs, an ESAM will include emissions from energy and other sectors. The incorporation of disaggregated energy data into the SAM represents a step forward that will make it possible to analyze policy options in the energy and industrial sectors and explore their impact on incomes and consumptions among various population groups.






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Finn Tarp Professor Development Economics; Poverty; Income Distribution and Growth; Micro- and Macroeconomic Policy and Modeling Billede af Finn Tarp

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The project is funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Vietnam.

Period: 1 December 2023 - 31 March 2024.


PI, Finn Tarp

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