Inequality across people in income, wealth and health arises from differences in circumstances and differences in behavior. Much economic research on the causes of inequality focuses on circumstances. CEBI asks: What is the role of individual behavior in generating unequal outcomes? Answering this question is fundamental for understanding the sources of inequality, how policy affects inequality, and how circumstances and behavior interact to reduce or produce inequality.
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CEBI aims to address the role of behavior in generating inequality and the underlying sources of such behavioral inequality. We exploit the globally unique Danish data research infrastructure to combine population administrative registers on individuals’ choices and outcomes with information about their behavioral characteristics obtained from large-scale controlled experiments and large-scale surveys.

CEBI is headed by Professor Claus Thustrup Kreiner in cooperation with Søren Leth-Petersen. The center includes people at all levels – from research assistants to professors – from the Department of Economic at the University of Copenhagen and world-leading scholars in experimental economics, public economics and structural economics at University of Zurich, New York University and Princeton University.

CEBI is a Center of Excellence, founded in September 2017, financed by the Danish National Research Foundation.

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Asger Lau Andersen Associate Professor Household Economics and Finance; Political Economics; Applied Microeconometrics Billede af Asger Lau Andersen
Christina Gravert Associate Professor Behavioral Economics; Experimental Economics; Public Policy; Nudging; Incentives and Behavior Change Billede af Christina Gravert
Claus Thustrup Kreiner Professor Public Finance, Public Policy, Inequality, Labor Supply, Consumption Behavior Billede af Claus Thustrup Kreiner
Ida Lykke Kristiansen Postdoc Health economics, family economics, child development inequality, applied microeconometrics Billede af Ida Lykke Kristiansen
Jeppe Druedahl Associate Professor Macroeconomic Questions; Models with Uncertainty and Heterogeneity; Micro-level Data; Computational Methods Billede af Jeppe Druedahl
Johan Sæverud Researcher Applied micro, structural models, labor, retirement, savings Billede af Johan Sæverud
Kristoffer Balle Hvidberg Postdoc Applied microeconometrics; education; economic and financial behavior; inequality Billede af Kristoffer Balle Hvidberg
Martin Browning Professor Applied Microeconometrics; Economics of the Family; Saving and Consumption Billede af Martin Browning
Mette Ejrnæs Professor Applied Micro Econometrics; Income/earnings Processes; Consumption; Foster Care and Unemployment Insurance Billede af Mette Ejrnæs
Mette Gørtz Professor Health Economics; Family Economics; Labour Economics; Ageing; Applied Microeconometrics Billede af Mette Gørtz
Miriam Wüst Associate Professor - Promotion Programme Empirical Research on Children and Families; Health Economics; Applied Micro Econometrics; Family Economics Billede af Miriam Wüst
N. Meltem Daysal Associate Professor Child Development; Medical Interventions; Intra-household Spillovers; Health Economics; Labor Economics Billede af N. Meltem Daysal
Niels Johannesen Professor Tax Policy; Tax Havens; Tax Evasion; International Taxation; Financial Crisis Billede af Niels Johannesen
Sarah Sander Postdoc Applied micro econometrics; Empirical research on children and families; Inequality; Family economics; Labour Economics Billede af Sarah Sander
Søren Leth-Petersen Professor Applied Economics; Individual Level Financial Behaviour; Consumption; Savings; Labor Supply Billede af Søren Leth-Petersen
Thomas Høgholm Jørgensen Associate Professor Household decision making, structural estimation and applied microeconometrics. Billede af Thomas Høgholm Jørgensen
Torben Heien Nielsen Associate Professor - Promotion Programme Health Behaviors; Health and Mortality Inequalities; Retirement and Savings; Health Measurement; Health Care Suppliers Billede af Torben Heien Nielsen

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Director Claus Thustrup Kreiner or Deputy Director Søren Leth-Petersen