Restud Tour Reunion Conference 2018 – University of Copenhagen

Restud Tour Reunion Conference 2018

The Review of Economic Studies May Meetings have been held annually in May since 1989 and 2018 will be the 30th year in which REStud is hosting the annual tour of the most promising job market candidates. A recent poll among previous tour participants revealed a broad enthusiasm for meeting up with the peers of their Tour again. REStud will therefore celebrate this anniversary with a 30 year REStud Tour Reunion Conference that follows the last leg of next year’s normal REStud Tour which will take place in Copenhagen.

The REStud Tour Reunion Conference will be held at University of Copenhagen on May 16-18. All previous tour participants will get a slot to present their work, and there will be time to socialize. The conference will consist of parallel sessions organized around the three major fields in economics. We aim to provide around 30 minutes per speaker including discussion. 

The last leg of the 2018 REStud Tour takes place on May 14-15. Reunion participants are free to come earlier and see the actual tour of this year. 

We encourage participants to book hotels as soon as possible. Many hotels are already sold out due to the 2018 Ice Hockey World Championship taking place the same dates as the reunion. Please see "Hotels" for preferential rates at a range of hotels.