Reports and Plans, Department of Economics – University of Copenhagen

Annual Reports

The department's annual reports describe in detail the research and study activities by the staff. They are only available in Danish:

Annual report 2007-2008 (pdf 368 Kb) 
Appendix to Annual report 2007-2008 (pdf 435 Kb)
Annual report 2005-2006(pdf 2.3 Mb) 
Annual report 2004 (pdf 450 Kb)
Annual report 2003 (pdf 410 Kb)
Annual report 2002 (pdf 900 Kb)
Annual report 2001 (pdf 435 Kb)
Annual report 2000 (pdf 290 Kb)
Annual report 1999 (pdf 520 Kb)
Annual report 1998 (pdf 240 Kb)

University Annual Report

The department's contributions to the university's annual reports are only available in Danish, and can be accessed at the university site.

The Department of Economics Strategy 2012-2016

Read the strategy or download as pdf.file

The Faculty Strategy 2012-2016

New strategy focuses on internationalization. Read the strategy or download it as pdf file.

Previous Plans and Policies

Department profile - Research and study, 2005 (pdf 65 Kb)
The Department's Development Plan 2004-2009(pdf 160 Kb)
The Department's Publication Policy (pdf 35 Kb)

The Department Contract 2007-2008

This contract between the department and the Faculty of Social Sciences, describes in detail the time horizon for the aims of the department concerning research, teaching, dissemination activities as well as hiring policies. 

Main text (pdf 180 Kb)
Appendix 1: Research excellence areas/centres (pdf 15 Kb)
Appendix 2: Special focus areas (pdf 15 Kb)
Appendix 3: Research groups (pdf 10 Kb)
Appendix 4: The faculty's action plan for equality between sexes (pdf 400 Kb)
Appendix 5: Extract from notes from management meeting in 2007 (pdf 50 Kb)