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Daniel Gerszon Mahler

Daniel Gerszon Mahler

PhD fellow

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Current research

  • The Roots of Inequality: Estimating Inequality of Opportunity from Regression Trees (w. Paolo Brunori & Paul Hufe)
  • Equality of Opportunity for Well-Being (w. Xavi Ramos)
  • The Value Function with Life Satisfaction Data (w. Ohto Kanninen)
  • Do Altruistic Preferences Matter for Voting Outcomes?
  • Free to choose or free to lose? Public opinion over government paternalism (w. David Dreyer Lassen)
  • Do individuals choose their labor supply so as to maximize their subjective well-being?
  • Kantian behavior, moral crowding out, and optimal taxation


  • Fall 2011: Introductory Microeconomics (at Copenhagen Business School)
  • Fall 2014: Intermediate Microeconomics
  • Spring 2015: Intermediate Microeconomics

Fields of interest

  • Welfare economics
  • Poverty & inequality
  • Ethics & economics
  • Development economics
  • Public economics
  • Behavioral economics

ID: 122745336