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Daniel Gerszon Mahler

Daniel Gerszon Mahler

PhD fellow

(For more information, visit my website:

Economists frequently advocate for certain policies based on their efficiency, growth-potential, or consequences for societal welfare. Underlying these recommendations is a very specific idea of what welfare is; the degree to which individuals’ preferences are satisfied. But how should we design economic policies if governments have different understandings of what constitutes welfare? What if governments care about justice or autonomy rather than only welfare and growth? What if individuals do not act so as to satisfy their own preferences? I seek to get a better understanding of the answers to these questions in my dissertation entitled “Measuring What Matters: Empirical Essays in Welfare Economics.”

Supervisor: David Dreyer Lassen

Current research

  • Equality of Opportunity for Well-Being (w. Xavi Ramos)
  • Do individuals choose their labor supply so as to maximize their subjective well-being?
  • Kantian behavior, moral crowding out, and optimal taxation
  • Do Altruistic Preferences Matter for Voting Outcomes?
  • Free to choose or free to lose? Public opinion over government paternalism (w. David Dreyer Lassen)
  • The Value Function with Life Satisfaction Data (w. Ohto Kanninen)


  • Fall 2011: Introductory Microeconomics (at Copenhagen Business School)
  • Fall 2014: Intermediate Microeconomics
  • Spring 2015: Intermediate Microeconomics

Fields of interest

  • Welfare economics
  • Poverty & inequality
  • Ethics & economics
  • Public economics
  • Behavioral economics
  • Development economics

ID: 122745336