Exam registration

As an Open University student you will automatically be registered for the ordinary exam - first exam attempt.

If you want to use your second and third attempt in the following semester, you must meet the below registration deadlines:

  • Winter exam: 23 September/3 Februar at the latest
  • Summer exam : 16 March/27 July at the latest
  • Summer school resit: As soon as your grade is posted

You register by sending an email to enkeltfag@econ.ku.dk within the above deadlines.  Please write your name, your KU username and the name of the course. If you do not meet the deadline, you cannot sit the exam.

Exam attempts

As an Open University student you have the right to 3 exam attempts. If you need further attempts, you must apply for an exemption.

Mandatory Assignments

If you have attended a course with mandatory assignments (e.g. Macroeconomics II), you must have handed in all assignments before you have the right to sit the exam. If you have not handed in all assignments, you will lose your right to use your 3 exam attempts. If you want the exam, then you must pay tuition fee again, attend the classes and hand in all assignments.

Written exams are PC-exams

All written exams are PC-exams - read more about PC-exams on the university website, where you can find information on open house-event at the exam rooms.


You do not automatically receive a certificate upon completion of the course. You can order a certificate by contacting the Student Information Desk at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Additional information regarding exams

Learn more about exams and resits on our student intranet.