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If your university does not hold an exchange agreement with us, you can apply for guest student enrolment instead

Tuition Fee

Guest students are required to pay tuition fees for short-term, non-degree studies at the University of Copenhagen.

Course Catalogue

Copenhagen University Course Catalogue is available at  
Our autumn and spring courses vary. Usually the same autumn courses are offered every autumn and the same spring courses every spring. However, this only applies to courses - not seminars - seminars vary each semester!

A guide - How to find courses in the Course Catalogue

In the Course Catalogue you can find:

  • course descriptions,
  • syllabus
  • prerequisites of each course
  • ECTS value of the courses,
  • teacher information,
  • time and location
  • preliminary examination plan.

Important! Please read the prerequisites of the courses carefully. Our courses are very theoretical and mathematical, and to pass them requires that you fulfill the prerequisites stated in the course description.

Minor changes in the course catalogue may occur up to the beginning of each semester.


If you wish to apply as a individual guest student, The University of Copenhagen requires that you have completed at least two years of full time studies and sometimes more. You must apply through the International Office.

Please visit the International Office Website for further information about application procedure.